Park Jung Min First Step into Going Solo with a Solo Album... Aims to Release by Late Autumn

Park JungMin from group SS501 will start his solo activities with a solo album.

Park JungMin’s agency representative said “We thought a lot on how to go forward making our first step. With the intention of repaying the fans who have waited, we chose music. We are in the midst of collecting songs. We are recording some of it and we are aiming to release it by end of autumn.”

From the initial planning stage, this album was meant to be a fan-service. It is going to be filled with his thankfulness to the love which he received as a member of SS501 throughout these years. This album also signifies his first greeting for a new start. In order to deliver his mind to more fans out there, they are planning to release it at the same time in Japan and China (Taiwan, HongKong).

Park JungMin officially started his activities with the inauguration ceremony of his new agency CNR Media held at GangNam Seoul on 30-Aug. His new agency CNR Media is a joint venture between Taiwan drama production Comic-Ritz and Korea’s Roy Media. This agency will actively supporting Park JungMin in his activities in Asia.

Agency’s representative said “In the future, Park JungMin will have more aggressive activities locally as well as in the Asia region. Park JungMin is very attached to SS501, there are plans for him to have consistent exchange (I think it refers to project albums in this context here) with the other members."

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First, Leader announces that he's planning to release a solo album next year, then Baby Jun also announces that he's preparing for his own solo album. And now this! Jung Min is the 3rd member to announce that he'll be releasing a solo album! Like I said on Twitter, if this pattern continues, we'll be buying 5 solo albums next year plus a 2nd full group album! Now, ain't that grand?! We were worried about SS501, but now we have something even better! A dose of each member, plus the whole group! Good things certainly come to those who wait. ;) Excited for your solo album Jung Minnie! Thank you and we will love and support you forever!


Anonymous said...

But that would be a problem.....
If like you've said...5 solo albums and a full group album, I will go bankrupt!! :D
Not that I am complaining about 6 albums^^
But seriously..what if I run out of money?? TT
Must save up starting from now~

^han joon^ said...

we really need to save up our money...
or we will go bankrupt!haha...
whatever, just good luck for you sexy charisma..

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