MBC Wed-Thurs drama Playful Kiss recorded ratings of 3.4% (09 Sept, #4). This was lower by 0.1% than #3 broadcasted on 8 September with 3.5%. A few of the broadcasting personnel expressed their thoughts on Playful Kiss who is facing the worst situation, “It isn’t impossible yet that the drama will not be revived”.

However, it is still too early to think about giving up. Since only 4 episodes have been aired so far, there are many guesses throughout here and there that there will be possibility of a rise in ratings soon.

Solid storyline… KimHyunJoong-JungSoMin Loveline Anticipation UP

The first possibility would be that Baek Seungjo (Kim Hyunjoong) and Oh Hani (Jung Somin)’s loveline is beginning to slowly develop itself. Oh Hani has been living in shame since sending her self-penned love letter to Baek Seungjo. Baek Seungjo whom, disregards Oh Hani in every single circumstance, has begun to slowly open his heart up to Oh Hani, as was seen in the episode aired on 9 September.

Baek Seungjo who has been so arrogant throughout is slowly beginning to change. Because of that, Baek Seungjo and Oh Hani’s love story that will soon spread its wings is grabbing the attention of audiences.

Drama Boys over Flowers had similarly faced the same situation whereby it was facing a tough battle in the beginning against MBC drama ‘Eaden of East’, yet in the end it achieved huge success with its increasing ratings.

The hardwork of the actors.. Audiences Are Aware

The 2nd possibility is because the good acting by the young actors and the vetarans. In particular veterans Jung Hyeyoung, Kang Namgil etc, they show their passion for acting. Especially where this drama is so manhwa-like, there will bound to be many overly-exaggerated cases.
Because of that, this kind of drama style is not easy for the vetarans to portray for the first time. However, the veterans managed to portray their characters without any trace of awkwardness. Not forgetting that protagonists Kim Hyunjoong, Jung Somin etc, these young actors display acting skills that illuminate on itself, too.

Of course, the hard work of these young actors Kim Hyunjoong and Jung Somin is very much obvious. Kim HyunJoong has now upgraded his acting from the perfect yet warm guy Yoon Jihoo into the tough yet perfect guy Baek Seungjo. As to how Kim Hyunjoong will digest his character Baek Seungjo slowly falling for Oh Hani, everyone is highly curious about that.

Indeed, Jung Somin who only had one work ‘Bad guy’ managed to digest her Oh Hani character so smoothly as she got chosen for the role. These guys worked really hard for their characters. A related drama personnel mentioned, “Kim Hyunjoong & Oh Hani never left their hands away from the scripts, and is always rehearsing for them. Especially the feeling to be put forth for the character, they really put in much meticulousness and thoughts as they act it out vividly”.

Though the drama records low ratings as at 3.4%, but this is only the 4th episode. Looking at the rather high ratings this drama rakes in for its re-broadcasts, it is not difficult to spot the possibility whereby audiences will soon move their attention to it.

Credits: asiae.co.kr + (English translation) Ode

Yes, it's most definitely too early to give up! And I don't want them to ever give up because the drama is awesome!!! I love it! My friends who are not even Triple S or Kim Hyun Joong fans love it! Triple S love it! A lot of people love it! I hope they don't give up just because of the low ratings. It's bound to increase, especially now that the storyline is becoming more exciting every episode! Playful Kiss fighting! Kim Hyun Joong fighting!


Anonymous said...

I agree with this. Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min are so hardworking and Leader almost never sleeps(awwww) I love him for that but I hope he takes some rest too. I like the increase in the excitement in every episode. The suspense is almost killing me hehe It is difficult to wait for Wednesday again haha I read a lot of messages expressing sympathy over Oh Ha Ni over how Seung Jo's treats her haha. It only proves that Seung Jo's character has affected them. Leader's acting is sooo good that is why so many also still find him hot and adorable because we know that he is Kim Hyun Joong. Seung Jo still has a soft spot, he still couldn't resist helping others although he keeps on saying he doesn't want to and for Ha Ni of course haha I love the part when he was teasing Ha Ni about the socks, It was the first time Seung Jo showed so much happiness in the drama. I love the development of their relationship from hatred, to cordial, to respect then maybe back and forth c: to friendship and then eventually to LOVE ^_^ It is waiting time once again c:

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