Omo, Omo, Omo!!! I feel like I'm at a loss for words after watching this video clip from 'Ready, Action!' Kim Hyun Joong In Spain DVD! Four minutes of Leader's beautiful face, close-up! And when I say close-up, I mean, super duper to the max close-up to the point that we can already see his pores! Gosh, I really want to buy this DVD! Gotta save up!

Video Uploader: piko501@YouTube

And here's another clip from the same DVD. It shows Leader playing soccer with friends in Spain.

Video Uploader: exlley@YouTube


Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong's smile is die for.
When he smiles, you will be surely smile too, because his smile is so contagious.
He looks like a baby boy when he smiles!!!!!!.

shaillene said...

..Hayy! kahit saan naman view:front view, side view, back view; wala kang masasabi hindi maganda sa kanya..Nakakatanggal ng antok at nakkainspired talaga..^_^. Ang ganda pa ng background song na ginamit. Para ka tuloy laging in-love, kahit hindi. He!he!

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