September 6, 2010

Young Saeng Tweeted A Picture!

Young Saeng just tweeted a while ago. He shared this picture of him with Kyu and Steven Lee during their recent trip in the US. Look at Kyu with his bare feet! Hahaha! They look so cool! with Steven and Kyujong in Las Vegas commemoration photo *snap*!!
And another tweet after the last one...
Learnt a little from JiBin..Frankly speaking, I don't know how to use this - - I tried (to use) so that I won't fall behind times;; I don't know anything other than this but I'm still playing this - - Eats up my battery so fast.. This twitter thing, I just have to write words myself right? ke
Translation by: xiaochu@Quiante501


Looks like YS is really getting into Twitter. I hope he tweets more often! For those who don't have Twitter accounts yet, create one now and follow our shy prince! You don't want to be left behind, do you? You would want to know first hand if our dear SS501 members have tweeted, right? Follow YS now at @mystyle1103!

Oh, and here's another confirmation that it's indeed the real YS tweeting, this time it's from Park Ji Bin... he said:
SS501′s Heo Yeongsaeng!! Yeongsaeng-hyeong started Twitter~ Didn’t say anything and already has many followers..!! Please follow him~!! Everyone is asking if this is an impersonation..this person is really Yeongsaeng-hyeong~
Translation by superstarsubs@Twitter


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