Aww... this is the last installment of Baek Seung Jo Diaries! All good things must come to an end. Thank you to Reena for the translations! These diary entries really melted our hearts! If you loved Baek Seung Jo's diary you can actually get the Playful Kiss Photo Essay - Seung Jo's diary at YesAsia for US$59.99! It will contain the drama’s famous scenes on a series of pictures. Check it out here.

Baek Seung Jo Diary Entries:



jjovenq said...

After you watch this whole thing, one can't help but smile and feel good. I really enjoyed watching it.

Gladz said...

i so appreciate the production and release of this diary. While I was watching Playful Kiss, I couldn't help but ask whether Seung Jo really liked Ha Ni. I was looking for something to read, even just a simple fanfiction, to make his feelings/actions justifiable. Luckily, I stumbled on an edited translation of this in I actually didn't know this existed, I've seen it on sale but I didn't pay much attention coz I didn't know the contents, plus they were written in hangul. I'm so glad to have read an actual diary from Seung Jo's POV. It's official, and so it helps me understand where Seung Jo is coming from. Now, when I watch playful kiss, i will always imagine his thoughts behind the actions. So nice. I wish they had an english version of the diary. I'd definitely buy that/

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