I miss the boys so much!!! Since we don't see them together anymore, all 5 of them, here are a few random pics... if we can't see them together live for now, at least I can have them together in one post. Kekeke. Sorry, this is what you call withdrawal symptoms. LOL! Patiently waiting for the day when they will perform together again!

Picture tweeted by Kyu together with Kang Min... see his tweets here for the day.

Credit: 2kjdream@Twitter

A stolen shot of Leader in the streets... where to Leader?

Credit: dcinside

A picture of Hyung Jun that @3rangka tweeted... Maknae being dorky!

Trans by xiaochu: @HyungJun87 You can do it~~ Hwaiting!! Who is this person communicating with this giant fly alien..? http://plixi.com/p/48865928

Hyung Jun with a staff from Soonsoo...

Credits: PrettyBoy + 月光族达人@baidu

Jung Min sitting in a posh service limousine that picked him up from Haneda Airport...

Credit: blog.naver.com/tokyoterry

Saengie playing baseball yesterday October 6, 2010.

Credits: 501_deg + 00lanse@baidu


triples_greenpeas said...

Like jung min's limo!
kyujong and young saeng is soo cute ><
Baby is dorky but adorable
especially for leader: what are you doing?
I really love all of them..

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