Kim Hyung Jun's message at JP site

Hello. I am Kim HyungJun.

Firstly, I am really happy to greet everyone through this wonderful Japan official homepage.
Everyone had only happy things happening right?~ That's because I prayed. For everyone to have only good things happening.

Now I can communicate with fans in Japan through this place. I will also update about myself frequently.

Recently, I have been really busy with the rehearsal for musical 'Cafe-In'.
I am also DJ-ing for 'Kim HyungJun's Music High'.
MC too.. Spending my days with tightly filled schedules.

Seems like very soon, I will be seeing everyone through the musical play.
Please give me your generous love and also unsparing interest.
Mina-san~ Aishitemasu~ Iiyoumemidaekudasai ^^ Janae
(Everyone~ I love you~ Have a sweet dream^^ Bye)

Credits : + Baidu SS501 + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Always the thoughtful Maknae... we will always love you Hyung Jun and we will always be interested in all your activities. Stay as adorable as you are. Aja! Aja! Fighting!


alfablue7 said...

are kyu jong n youngseang sign with any agency?

Giselle said...

Thank you so much Hyung Jun!!
You're such a good person! ^^ Of course we will love you and support you! Take care!
Sweet dreams!

Anonymous said...

Aww~So sweet....
Nowadays, only happy things are happening to me ^^(despite my finals)
No wonder keke

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