My first time starring in TV drama lead role
Have a lot of things I’ll like to say
But because of every fans’ support, I'm not disheartened
Work very hard~~~~~Endure to the last stage ^^

Erm…countless rumours, news of disapproval…
Turn a deaf ear
Rely on my own strength
Keep enduring & waiting for today’s fans arrival
First, express my gratitude.......

I’m like this…
Inapprehensive ravings.....
Dislike giving everyone endless waiting with no arrangement

Hence no matter what
Would sort out first then come out
Words that I would like to tell everyone during that time
Said it so late, really sorry

In the end
Things that have been sorted out
Became more and more critical

While filming this drama
Because of the ratings
A lot of people are worried
But I however was very silently
Enduring hard times with ‘Playful Kiss’

Not as me but living as Baek Seung Jo ......

Because I ‘m not a genius
But like Baek Seung Jo, I do not know how to tell others my worries
At the same time while I’m struggling alone
Still hope that can handle it well
Seems like that.....

When I have these worries
‘If I ‘m happy, then others will be happy too’
Saw this line
Because of this line
Thought a lot

Hence I, Kim Hyun Joong
Must also live happier and meaningful.....

When I’m tired
Like to communicate and chat with fans
Am I too mysterious? Ha

I ‘m also very confident
Because at the end it’s the advocate’s cause
Knowing this requires reflection......

Seems to pretend to live happily
Now I’ll do my utmost best
To gain everyone’s approval
And not deny the conclusion
Will like to become this kind of person....

From today onwards
I’ll challenge like it’s the first album^^
Really worked hard
Will be happy

August, September, October of Year 2010
Everyone defended me

I’ll defend everyone in Year 2011
Will return handsomely^^

This 3 months
Lived very happily, thanks to everyone

Everyone must also safely...
Spend the end of Year 2010^^

From today onwards
Feel that you all will be like family members ^0^

See you~~^^
‘Playful Kiss’ Final

Everyone’s leader
Hyun Joong……^^

Credits: + Kor-Chi:Yoyo@HyunBar + Chi-Eng:S2rene@Twitter
*No reposting at any WGM related sites*

I loved the way he ended his message. Everyone's Leader. He's really a remarkable young man. It's admirable, the way he handles himself and the way he chooses his words. I don't even need to say anything more, Leader said it all.


Anonymous said...

did he knows that playful kiss is very much popular in overseas...? low rating is just in korea ..just hope he knows that .... we a crazy in luv wif BAEK SEUNG JO

Lourdz said...

Everyone's Leader... I so love that line...

리사 said...

"Everyone’s leader
Hyun Joong……^^"

aahhhhhh~ that line made my day ^^ his words are so comforting for all Triple S ♥

Anonymous said...

truly everyone's leader.. Hyun Joong has an amazing personality, he went through so many difficult times but always try to do his best just to show his fans that he is doing fine.
Hyun Joong is forever to me, will support him forever and ever!!!

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