Today is the Autumn Mountain Climbing Event ‘2010 Beautiful Company – Green Hands’ that JM participated in, 9am at CheongGye Mountain area around the outskirts of Seoul. Here's a video clip and pictures of the ever friendly Park Jung Min as he talked, joked, and mingled for a short while with the fans. The master of fan service himself made all the fans who came very happy! Glad he has fully recovered. Jung Minnie's bright smile is sooo dazzling, isn't it?!

Video Uploader: yisaya86@YouTube

Credit: as tagged on pics


Anonymous said...

OMO! he's so tall HAHAH
and it's so cute how he bended his knees to reach the height of the fans hahaa

snappledapple said...

im so happy to see jungmin this cheerful and enthusiastic esp when with fans. =D

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