Jung Min tweeted earlier as a reply to Hyung Jun that he'll be watching a fashion show today. And true to his word, here he is as a guest for BON clothing line, which SS501 also endorsed before. He looks so thin, ya? I really hope he won't go overboard with this diet of his. He looks so much better with more meat on. So much sexier. Keke. Just sayin.

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maorreng said...

he lost alot of weight. oh poor jung min.

Anonymous said...

OMG! he's so skinny! i hope he'll get in shape just like his shape during love ya promotions :)

Janice said...

Wow...he IS skinny! But oh well, after being sick everyone would still look a tad bit unhealthy.

리사 said...

i don't like it -___- he's soooo skinny... i want chubby cheeks for all of them..

and being skinny makes his face look longer. Mal looks more like a Mal XD ok, JOKE. kekeke~

Anonymous said...

aww.....He's too skinny.=/ I have a question...does fashion week for all of the different clothing lines happen at the same place? If so, I hope our members met up with each other. =]

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