I've had these pics in my file for a long time now... photos of Jung Min back when he was a young lad! Keke. So cute!

Credit: as tagged


Anonymous said...

LOLLLL what a cutie jungmin was.

Risa said...

so THAT'S what Jung Min's hair looked like XD just like how they described it in Idol World XD Kekekeke
SO CUTE! 'specially in the first pic! HAHAHAHA~!

fab0203 said...

ahaahah!it reminds me of f4 days ^^ when f4 was was still popular in the philippines..back then ^^ jung min oppa is so cute!

Anonymous said...

to risa: really? i cant remember how they described his hair coz it's 8 months since the last time i've watched it HAHAH

minnie's a model when he was young right?

nice :D

e-magazine said...

i love it XD
so cute young Jung Min and so handsome man now x)

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