MBC drama [Playful Kiss] that will be ending in the upcoming 21st will be meeting with fans again with its first ever attempt at an online spin-off special edition.

[Playful Kiss] production company Group Eight will be dwelving into the shooting for the special edition simultaneously as [Playful Kiss] will end its TV broadcast in the upcoming 21st October, and is expected to be shown through Youtube in the middle of November.

All through this while, dramas like [War of Money] and a few others had been attempting special spin-off editions that were broadcasted through cable TV, though so, it will be the first case for special editions to be broadcasted through the internet like this.

Group Eight’s related personnel has said, “After our last signing on of partnership agreement for this time’s collaboration in last September, our first step forward will be to release a special online edition through Youtube. Even the opening of a Youtube account is the first ever attempt”.

This special edition that will have a total of 9 episodes will consist of approximately 10 minutes per episode and will portray the after marriage life — after the TV drama ends — of male and female protagonists Baek Seung-jo (Kim Hyun-joong) and Oh Ha-ni (Jung So-min).

Group Eight personnel adds, “We will not stray too far off from the original and Taiwan version, yet we will still emphasize on the unique traits that only our Korea version could possess”.

On the other hand, [Playful Kiss] will be pulling in its curtains with its total 16 episodes this coming 21st (October).

Credits: http://www.cbs.co.kr/nocut/show.asp?idx=1608476 + (English translation) Ode

I'm really looking forward to this! I'm 501% sure that I would be wanting more of Seung Jo and Ha Ni after I watch the last episode of Playful Kiss, so this spin-off will really quench that thirst!


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