KyuJong, "It's been a long time ^^!'
2010-10-16 1:10:24 PM

Hi!! How is everyone..?^^
Hm..Seems like autumn is already here.. Please be careful not to catch a flu..T
Ayoo Flu virus is really strong..!!
Even though sometimes I conveyed news (about myself) through a place called twitter, but it's been a long time since I left a message in official homepage~
Isn't that right?!^^ Members are currently working hard for their individual schedules/work and you know that they are spending their time working diligently right?! Please give them lots of support and treat them really really well ^^
Even though you might have seen it through news articles, YoungSaeng hyung and I are in the midst of preparing, and so please look forward to it and support us~
I studied alot and met alot of nice people, also looking back once again at the time spent back then
I am having an enjoyable time ^^
I believe that our pretties are also spending a good time ^^!!!
Now I'll be turning 25 years old soon.. Euaak HyunJoong hyung and YoungSaeng hyung will be 26..!!
Time flies really fast isn't it?!^^ Let's spend the fast flying time preciously~~
Yoohoo!!!! Everyone don't fall sick and eat well.. I hope that you will always spend each and every day filled with smiles~
Well then, bye bye...hee^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Credits: + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Always the sweet Kyu! I'm really excited for their solo activities, and what's in store for him and Young Saengie. I hope they learn more about Twitter so they can update us about the things that are happening in their everyday life. It's much better to hear it from them than from the news right? So happy to read this message from Kyu Jongie!


hyped.veracity said...

That's so sweet of him. <3
He really spends time to give a message to his fans. Even if they're already in their 30~s/40~s or even 50~s. I will always support SS501.

KYU JONG! Fighting!

jjovenq said...

Yes, he's very sweet!! All of them are. I'm so happy to hear that he and Young Saeng will soon go back to work. So happy!!!


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