SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong recently participated in the 2010 Asian Games opening ceremony in Guangzhou, where he sang the official theme song together with other famous Asian names.

On November 12th, the Hallyu star represented Korea as he sang ‘Sunshine Again‘ alongside famous singers Wei Wei (China), Tan Jing (China), David Tao (Taiwan), and Joey Yung (Hong Kong).

The theme song holds the meaning of never losing sight of your dreams and maintaining the friendship between Asian countries.

Check out the performance below.

Source: allkpop + SS501MiniUFO@YouTube

All I can say is... I'M PROUD OF OUR LEADER!!! Kim Hyun Joong!


Anonymous said...

He is awesome I must say. Although I am from a chinese speaking nation, I must say that some people cannot pronounce chinese syllabus as accurately as he did and the amazing part is, he just learnt it!!!

Kudos! Kim hyun joong!

Anonymous said...

I'm I'm I'm really proud of our leader! x)
He sang that mandarin song so well as if I can communicate with him in mandarin(since I'm a chinese here) =)
I'm so proud of our boys!! SS501 fighting!

phtriples said...

Yeah! I bet Chinese TS are most proud of our Leader! ^^

Anonymous said...

I am proud being a triple S!!!...Leader and ss501 fighthing!!!

Janice said...

Wow! Leader seems really fluent, even though he's actually Korean! He pronounced the pinyin right with the correct tone! Yes, the Chinese TS are proud! ^^

BTW, Wei Wei looks pretty there. :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely very proud of him. His mando is much better than mine.

Anonymous said...

video length >>> 5:01
what a coincidence..

triples_greenpeas said...

I have nothing to say because KHJ is so awesome. He can sing chinese song fluently. I'm really proud of him
Kim Hyun Joong fighting!

snappledapple said...

Kim Hyun Joong, the bestest and hottest leader ever!....Leader spreading his wings internationally with so much absolutely so proud!=D

jjovenq said...

I was so moved with the whole production plus of course the music and our dearest Hyun Joong singing. It even made me cry!! Yes, we're all proud of him and I am indeed proud to be a Triple S. We chose a good breed of boys to support. We shall support each one of them ALWAYS!! LOVE YA GUYS, FOREVER!!!

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