To Kim Hyun Joong (24) who is taking the leading role of a TV drama for the first time as “the fussy guy” Baek Seung Jo in MBC’s Playful Kiss, although the 3% rating was far from the initial expectation, to him personally, he still felt that he had gained much (from it).

What are your thoughts after the drama’s ended?

“Feel that I’ve good wrap-up for this year. As this is the first TV drama whereby I’m the main lead, so it’s particularly meaningful. I felt a great sense of responsibility during the filming, because the drama evolved from and developed around me, so my condition could affect the entire team’s mood and ambience. Only when I relaxed myself and worked, then the crew could carry on with the filming in a more relaxed manner.”

There’re unusually many kissing scenes in the drama!

“It just looks that way, but actually there’re not many. There’re many scenes that involved lips nearly or barely touching; in terms of real kissing scenes, there are only three.”

You’ve been labelled as the second Bae Yong Joon, do you feel any pressure or burden with the label?

“As opposed to pressure, what I feel more is joy. I suppose it’s because sunbae is the first generation of Hallyu star, and I’m also carrying out Hallyu activities, that’s why the label of the second Bae Yong Joon.

We (SS501) were also referred to as the second SechsKies when we first started out, but later, people gradually remembered our name. I suppose it’s the same this time.”

Amongst the presents that Bae Yong Joon gave you, which left you with the deepest impression?

“Pu-erh tea. Said that’s something good.”

You’ve even sung the theme song at the opening ceremony of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games. What does that feel?

“As that’s a big stage (platform), and I was representing Korea on-stage, so the pressure was tremendous. I really heaved a great big sigh of relief after the song that day. One whole month of listening to the same song and practising everyday, that was really tiring.”

Are you still running the chicken eatery now?

“My friends are still running it. As for how much money it’s made, I’ve absolutely no idea. I would go look for them there once in awhile. Times like this, I’d stay in the kitchen to wash the tomatoes or fry the chicken pieces and stuff. But since I always just stay in the kitchen, the patrons wouldn’t know that I’m in the shop.”

Heard that you’ve moved to Seongsu-Dong in Seoul recently, is this true?

“Yes, I’ve moved, but no, it’s not to Seongsu-Dong. Because many fans used to always hung around my home, so it’s brought a lot of inconvenience to the neighbours at the old place, and there’re also many complaints, so I had to move. This time, it’s a rented place.”

Why rent instead of buying a house?

“Because I’ve no money. (laughs) There’s someone who’s helping me to manage my finances; other than my monthly allowance, everything else goes into the bank account. Of course, I may earn a bit more than people my age. But when it comes to money, once it exceeds a certain amount, it becomes quite meaningless. I don’t have hobbies like drinking expensive red wine, so that really is the difference between having more money or a little less money? I don’t even have a car. I use the company’s car every time even if I’m doing my personal things.”

Rumours have it that you’ve a close relationship with Hero Jae Joong, T.O.P from Big Bang, how about you guys forming a group?

“That should be not bad. When we were drinking together, we too joked about this, and talked about holding a joint concert. Although it’s gonna be quite tough (to pull off), but if people really wish to see us together, and if the companies agree too, perhaps it can be done.”

What are the future plans of SS501?

“Truth is, many people have questioned if we’ve already disbanded. Since we’ve already concluded our discussion about the future activities of SS501, so all of us have joined different agencies. During the time when our contract with the previous agency expired, no agency was able to accept all (five) members. So we plan to have solo activities, and then come together as a group to present to everyone through performance.”

Amongst the gifts from fans, which one left the deepest impression?

“A 10,000-won bill. That bill’s serial number is my date of birth. Initially I had thought that it was a fake bill, but when I took it for a closer look, I realised that it was real.”

What do you do when you’re resting or on your off days?

“I play soccer. I’ll play soccer every week. Although I’m not a professional footballer, and I also don’t have a regular or fixed position, but i play attack generally.”

What do you want or pursue in life?

“I wish to live happily with people. When with friends, we practically go Dutch every time. Regardless of who you are, everyone forks out 10,000 korean won, just like club fees. Friendship can collapse because of money. I feel that amongst friends, there should be no distinction about whose achievement is more, and who has done more, or less.”

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Hyun Joong talks about his Christmas plans and Playful Kiss promotions

Kim Hyunjoong who had officially challenged the acting field will be holding an exciting Christmas after ending filming for his first role-leading drama [Playful Kiss]. Different from others, he has plans to spend a slightly special year end this year, as was told in interview.

“I think I’ll be spending my Christmas this year with males again”, as he said it in as if it was nothing the case. Kim Hyunjoong who wears his personality on such good looks of his lets people find it unbelievable that he will spend Christmas with males.

“Last last year was with Jaejoong hyung, last year was with Youngsaeng. For this year’s Christmas, because I don’t have any special particular schedule, I feel relieved. But on 26th, I’ll be leaving for Taiwan for [Playful Kiss] promotion, so on 25th I guess I’ll need to pack up my luggage right?”, “I’m puzzling over what to do on 25th. My other friends have girlfriends so if we meet up, it’ll look like I’m off with nothing…”, as he expresses his sadness.

“I don’t have any girl whom I fancy now, and I don’t have chances nor time to have any. Until now in my life, I don’t think I’ve spent Christmas with any girl before. This year will be my 3rd consecutive year to spend with males”, as he seemingly expressed his giving in to fate.

Kim Hyunjoong also showed his desire to walk on the streets of Myungdong on Christmas. Is it interesting to observe people on the streets? It may be an ordinary matter for us, but to Kim Hyunjoong, this isn’t acceptable. It seems like it’ll still probably be difficult to see Kim Hyunjoong treading on the streets of Myungdong since he will be seen by so many people.

Last 12th (November), Kim Hyunjoong stood on the stage reaching out to people worldwide as he took his spot as a Korean rep to a greater height. He was a representative as a Korean singer who stood on the stage of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Game opening ceremony as he sung to the theme song “Sunshine Again”.

So how was the feeling of that, as we asked, “I felt great as I could stand on such a huge stage to sing like that. When I first received the proposal I was like, is this a joke or what. ‘Why would China send invitations to me?’. I couldn’t believe and was shocked”, as he still pours his surprise over it.

At that time in the broadcast, announcers introduced him as ‘the representative singer from Korea stood right before the eyes of people worldwide’, as they praised him like that. To this Kim Hyunjoong said he felt so shy about it because “they announced and expressed it in such a loud manner, I was so shameful (good)”, “I just came to stand on that venue in the split of a moment, at that time, thoughts like holding a concert there and filling it with this amount of audiences came onto mind”, with this it’s evident how he holds passion as a singer.

Kim Hyunjoong is also expected to release his dance album in next May. If he is to release a solo album, definitely there will be so much more talks from people talking about SS501′s disbandment. To this however, Kim Hyunjoong reaffirms that SS501 is not disbanded. “Previously if a group is to be disbanded, they will hold press conference telling everybody that ‘we will be disbanded’, but these days, because it’s a natural splitting apart, it seems like that is the way how people tend to misunderstand and have those thoughts. But SS501 will still be appearing out public; we are not disbanded”, as he gives relief to the worries of fans.

With the remaining 2 months left of 2010, Kim Hyunjoong will be spending his new year in various asian countries. Beginning off with Taiwan, he will proceed on to Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan, and other South East asian countries etc for promotions of his drama [Playful Kiss].

During those days when they were doing activities as SS501, they always had to give up their year end to sing on stages and perform as they await the countdown bells to a brand new year, and then returning to their homes on the morning of the 1st. However now, it won’t be like that already and it seems like he’s liking it as he pulled a smile.

Indeed, the ’4-dimensional’ charm to Kim Hyunjoong exists all the time. That’s why he even let in talks about the G20 Summit Conference held last 11th. He lets in about his thoughts felt back then, “I felt that it was quite peculiar for our country to hold the summit conference when we weren’t even able to ge into the G7. I was wondering if the consciousness of our citizens wasn’t strong enough for it to be. Vehicles were overseen and cars behind one another just kept honking and drivers were frustrated, I didn’t like it when I saw such a sight”, as he delivers his hoping-for.

On this upcoming 26th December, Kim Hyunjoong will be leaving for Taiwan for promotions of [Playful Kiss]. It seems like Kim Hyunjoong will be in overseas longer than in the country with the status as an actor with the remaining of less than 2 months of 2010.

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