Kim Hyun Joong states SS501 will not be disbanding

SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong strongly affirmed that SS501 will not be disbanding.

In a recent interview, he stated, “With our members branching out into different companies, many wonder whether SS501 is disbanding or not. We were only able to move companies because we had confirmed with one another that we would continue to work as a group under the name of SS501.”

He continued, “During that time when our contracts expired, there was no company that would take in all five of us.”

Regarding SS501’s future activities, he answered, “For now, we’ll do solo albums for a bit. We’re planning to get together for a performance. Due to our companies being different, it’s difficult to get our schedules coordinated, but it will get done.”

Kim Hyun Joong concluded the interview by expressing his friendship with the other members. “I get in contact with the members every single day. Hyung Joon once said that I ignored one of his text messages at the press conference for his musical, but that’s not what happened. I was in China for the ‘Guangzhou Asian Games‘. I called him right away after the event.”

Source: allkpop

Been hesitating whether to post this or not, since some TS are saying it's fake news. But after some careful speculation, looks like it's legit after all. So there. Hahaha, Baby is such a tease. He loves teasing his Hyungs, everyone knows how mischievous our maknae is. Keke. I love SS501!!! Can't wait till they're all together again on stage!

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