Kim Hyung Jun, “Really Blissful” Tears at Musical First Performance

On his musical debut stage, SS501 Kim Hyung Jun sheds his “really blissful” tears.

Kim Hyung Jun, after the successful debut performance of his popular romantic comedy ‘Café In’ on the 24th, he expressed his own feelings via Twitter.

Kim Hyung Jun expressed that, “First time challenging musical so feels nervous and very stressful. Really put in a lot of effort, working hard with the mentality of a young actor, upon seeing that the audience are very happy and enjoying themselves, I’m very happy too~ “

He also added, “In the future will also keep working hard in order to be the Kim Hyung Jun who gets acknowledged.”

His management company stated that, Kim Hyung Jun after his impressive first performance on the 24th, left the stage in tears, and shared the thrill of a successful first performance together with his fellow actors and staff.

Production company SH Creative Works representative said, “Kim Hyung Jun’s sincerity and passion have charmed the actors/actresses whom have worked together with him. Through today’s first performance, everyone can see Kim Hyung Jun’s efforts that were put in to present such a passionate show, hence with regards to Hyung Jun’s first musical debut stage, we would like to express our heartfelt compliments.”

In the musical ‘Café In’ Kim Hyung Jun, one person has to act out 2 complex roles of being a sommelier Ji Min and the charming gentleman Jeong Min, thereby attraction even more attention. ‘Café In’ will be having performances until January 23.

The crew conveyed the message that, after the ending curtains have been drawn down and as he walked down from the stage, Kim Hyung Jun with tears welling up in his eyes, finally sheds his moved tears.

Source: Star News + Trans: Only Jun (

Awww... Baby cried again. He said it himself, he's really emotional, and he cries when he's touched. Love him! By the way, I've received a lot of comments, and I've read negative feedback regarding Hyung Jun's interviews in the past, and I feel really sad that he is being misunderstood this way. And as a Triple S, I feel that it's my duty to defend our youngest. So this is what I have to say to those people who are judging him based on his interviews alone:
To those who are criticizing Hyung Jun and to those who misunderstand his interviews, saying he is conceited and talking at the expense of his members. I can't take this quietly, let me just say to you...

"I appreciate your opinions. However, all Triple S know this about HJB. And it is in fact, one of the things we, his fans, love about him: his frankness coupled with mischievousness. That's just how he is, naughty and playful. His members know and ACCEPT this side of him. And they LOVE him for it. Just like Jung Min, who is also mischievous in his own right. These two are the fun bringers in the group.

HJB knows his fans, and he knows his members. So whatever he says, he knows it will be taken with HUMOR, and LOVE. And yes, maybe annoyance and exasperation. But that's all part of his charm. That's just his personality, he likes playing pranks with his members. He's always the one being pranked and teased by his members when they're together anyway. :) They are so close to each other they can joke about each other (some outsiders may think of it as serious, but we know better). If he isn't mischievous, he isn't HJB. But truly, he is one of the most humble and sweet people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

So for those who don't know him well enough, I invite you to get to know him first before judging. And also for those who don't ACCEPT him as he is, then these people are not REALLY fans. And that's okay. After all, these boys can't please everybody. What's important is that the people who love HJB know and accept this about him, and of course SS501.

We care about Hyung Jun a lot and we love him with all our hearts, so we really don't mind him being himself. In fact, we welcome it. And this goes for all the members of SS501."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for standing up for him/defending him. I'm not even a Triple S, but I like Hyung Jun. He seems to be a realy nice, friendly and sincere person,probably just prone to be misinterpreted.

Anonymous said...

these people who judged him are all haters and dont know SS501 that well. thanks for defending our baby. these words are just perfect to defend him :) Triple S mansae!

jjovenq said...

Yes, Hyung Jun has a very cheerful attitude, kind, caring heart and protective of his loved ones. He's very sensitive to the needs of others. Watch SOS for instance, and see what our boys are made of! Each and everyone of them had an important role in the life of the little boy they "adopted" for awhile. Watch any video of our boys and you will see how natural they are. They laugh with gusto, cry when happy or sad, argue when they feel like. You will see real down to earth people regardless of their achievements. As fans, we have watched 100's of their videos and followed them for years, so I think WE are in a better position to know Hyung Jun and our boys!! Therefore we know what we're talking about!!!

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