Kim Hyung Jun Received Fans’ Mealbox Gift, “Ah~ So Blissful!”

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun feels very blissful because of the love given by fans.

On the 20th, he said on his Twitter, “Will eat my delicious dinner well, ^^ ah, blissful”, and also uploaded a picture.

The picture shows that on the mealboxes he is holding, there are also a “I ♥ Hyung Jun” sticker printed on it.

Netizens saw and responded, “Becoming more handsome as time passes by”, “I love you ^^”, “So cute so cute ~~(*^o^*)/Delicious?”, “What is that thing keke Totally cute >_< What a pity they seem to be inedible kekeke”

Credits: TV Daily + Eng Trans: Only Jun (

Cutiepie! Is that piro-piro for his dinner?? It has circles under the eyes. Hahaha!


Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

How cute! He looks so handsome in this pic! <33

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