November 20, 2010

Kyu Jong @ Lotte World

Our Kyu visited Lotte World last Thursday. And he even tweeted some pictures. Looks like he had a lot of fun! I wonder if he rode any of the rides... Keke. Kyu looks good! I miss him!!!

Credits: 2kjdream@Twitter + + Baidu


Anonymous said...

It's good to see that he's having fun and not stressed out about the fan meetings or anything. And he's with SS501's manager!!!! I love that guy!! Such great chemistry between the members and him. I really hope that he will still be their manager when they make their comeback. =]

Janice said...

Kya~~Kyu Jong is cute! The kids are very lucky to be with him!!

LMAO at the second picture...XD

randomshooter said...

awww...finally somthing from Kyu.
I really really miss him. ^_____^
He's gotten even more handsome.

rhaine tsuki said...

AWWWW~~~~ hes so CUTE!! i love the 2nd and last pictures! the ones with him and the children is adorable! he is adorable! ahh i wanna hug him! lol

Preeti said...

he looks like a kid among the kids. lovely smile

e-magazine said...

he's handsome as usual !!
ah >.< miss him a lot!!

triples_greenpeas said...

the little girl besides kyu jong lean on him ^.^
so cute! miss you oppa <3

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