YS looks thinner here, and nice smile Kyu! Are you guys ready for KyuSaeng? Are you going to attend their first fanmeet?


SS501 members Kim Kyu-jong and Heo Young-saeng will hold their first official Asia fan meeting starting next month, starting with a meet-and-greet in Seoul.

A press release from their new agency B2M Entertainment announced that the two will hold their first fan event titled "KyuJong & YoungSaeng AND Story in Seoul" at Sangmyung University's Sangmyung Art Center on December 4.

They will hold various events for their fans including a mini-concert, a question and answer session and show a video featuring their daily lives and travels.

Tickets for Kim and Heo’s first fan meeting with be available this Thursday on online reservation site Auction (http://ticket.auction.co.kr).

Reporter : Lucia Hong + Editor : Jessica Kim + ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved


melanieeatsghosts said...

Wow! They both look so charming ^_^
YS looks so much thinner!
Wish I could go, but I live in Canada :P

Janice said...

YS has lost his chubby face now...:'( Oh well. I still <3 Saengie!! ^^

Kyu Jong looks charming as usual...:)

Anonymous said...

omo!! young saeng so hot!!! ~o~

triples_greenpeas said...

wow..kyu jong is soo handsome!! and young saeng is more sexy!! can't wait for the fanmeeting ^^

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