SS501 Kim Kyu Jong disclosed fellow member Kim Hyung Jun's kiss photo.

23rd (Nov) Kim Kyu Jong posted at his twitter "Hey look at this kid~~~ Making (funny) faces~~Oo-ing?!" along with a kissing scene photo of Kim Hyung Jun.

The kiss photo was taken from a scene from Kim Hyung Jun's muscial 'Cafe-In', from the photo can see that Kim Hyung Jun's eyes were shut, and lips were pressed onto mouth of actress Oh Geum Ji.

On this, Kim Kyu Jong used a jealous tone to tease Kim Hyung Jun.

Netizens who had seen the pics expressed differently "Bobo kiss scene looks so real ah" "Are both of them having true feelings?" "Kyu Jong is jealous yah?".

Meanwhile, on 22nd during musical 'Cafe-in' production press conference held in BaekAm Arts Hall, Kim HyungJun had the kiss scene which is the most romantic scene and the scene which he sees his partner actress as the opposite gender.

Kim Hyung Jun's Musical 'Cafe-In' will be showing at Baek Am Arts Hall from 24 November to 23 January next year.

Credits: News by TVDaily + 2kjdream@twitter + (chi trans) + (eng trans) & &

When I saw Kyu tweet this, even though I couldn't understand at first, I knew he was teasing Maknae. Haha! And then YS joined in by saying Maknae always surprises them in various ways. LOL. Aah, I miss seeing these interactions live!


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