SS501 Park Jung Min, Confirmation Shot at Kim Hyung Jun Musical ‘Café in’...Gift is Humidifier

SS501 Park JungMin went to support Kim HyungJun who is acting in a musical play.

On 28-Nov, Park JungMin went to BaekAm Art Hall at SamSung-dong and watched Kim HyungJun’s musical ‘Café in’. Park JungMin already pre-empt his visit through twitter on 27-Nov. After Park JungMin left a notice about his visit, he went to the theatre, Kim HyungJun and fans were surprised at this.

Park JungMin who is very senior-like since he debuted before Kim HyungJun in musical plays, and gave a humidifier to Kim HyungJun in order to protect his throat. Earlier on, Kim HyungJun went to find Park JungMin at his new album music video filming site to support him, displaying their warm friendship.

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Check out these FANCAMS from yesterday:
Baby Jun leaving Musical Venue
Jung Min leaving Musical Venue

Awwwww, so sweet!!! These two are making me giddy with their sweetness and care for each other. Not only did TOM visit his JERRY in his musical to watch and give his support, but how very thoughtful of him to give him a gift that he can really use, a humidifier to protect his throat. I love this duo, can't say that enough! You can really see the strong bond and friendship. Take care of each other Tom&Jerry! Keke. Love ya both! And they're looking gorgeous too!!!


rashid1891 said...

SS501 Park JungMin went to support Kim HyungJun who is acting in a musical play.

rashid2626 said...

SS501 Park i like good side

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