Park Jung Min’s 1st Photobook sales is confirmed!
Jung Min’s first photobook PRESENT (tentatively) includes DVD ..

Sale schedule date ~ 2010/12/18

Cute yet full with coolness. A set of sexy charm
Park Jung Min who is full with variety of charm will be releasing his first photobook after his solo activities started.
Jung Min wants to give a gift to all his fans who is obsessed and missed him terribly
“If Jung Min wasn’t an idol, there might not have this kind of expression”
It is a photobook with his style
DVD (included) ~ content includes the record of the Japanese song behind the scene
Photobook will be released in 2 version First Press Limited Edition and Normal Version

Credits: PJM Japan FC + Chinese translation: cath@ Love Jun + Reposted @ No.43 Park
English translation:

Please repost with full credit.

Looking forward to this!!!


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