SS501’s Park Jung Min teased fans earlier with various shots from his upcoming solo album, and he’s recently revealed more photos through his official homepage.

Uploaded on November 18th, fans swooned over his sharp jawline and lean body as well as his ability to morph from mysterious and mature, to bold and provocative. The variety in his image changes left fans wondering how it would reflect his music.

A representitive from his management stated ‘We shot the music video on November 15th and 16th, and we are working our hardest with whatever time we have left before the comeback.‘

Aside from preparing for his album release on the 25th, Jung Min is also looking forward to the showcase and fanmeeting for the 27th, through which he will share his songs and various videos with his fans.

Source: Osen + allkpop

Sexy Charisma looks intense!!! These are just teaser photos, what more the real thing? So save up because JM's solo album release is just a few days away!


snappledapple said...

Jungmin is so drop-dead gorgeous! =P

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