Jung Min posted new pictures in his Facebook, under the album Keep Fit. Wow, Mal is really very determined to keep fit. But I hope he doesn't overdo it! I love seeing him more voluptuous than ultra thin. Keke.

Credit: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialParkJungMin


triples_greenpeas said...

Now he has muscled ^^
I'm happy, but do not push yourself too hard jungmin~keep fit and always healthy!

Anonymous said...

woooow i remember way back their debut year (2005) jungminnie was so so buff! full of muscles. i hope he'll keep it up :D :D

minnie, please dont forget to eat well, K?

Janice said...

Agreed! o_0 I'm starting to worry for him...but if thats what he wants then let it be!

I actually wonder why, but it seems lately almost everyone is dieting or even THINKING about dieting. It scares me...

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