November 14, 2010

Tom & Jerry Practicing Hard

Missing Tom & Jerry? I am! Well, to ease our longing, here are a couple of vids of our favorite duo practicing behind the scenes. JM is singing a song called "Glamorous Sky" (don't know from where) and Baby is practicing for his musical "Cafe In". Hardworking guys! It's fun seeing them like this. Fighting!

Video Uploader: refinTS501@YouTube

Video Uploader: myjm43loveya@YouTube


Anonymous said...

Glamorous Sky is a song from NANA(from the movie version)I think it's Mika Nakashima's song but am not sure of it. What I know is that the song has been covered by groups such as Vamps or Girugamesh ^^

Usako said...

Waa! *___* Miss them so much! T_T Thank you! Hello from Russia! ^^

Janice said...

I officially <3 Mal for singing a song from NANA!! >< So it for his Japan musical?

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

When I saw NANA a few years ago I loved the song, and I've loved the song AND movie since! Jungmin sounds awesome singing it! <33

And Baby looks so funny practicing for his musical, I'm sure he's going to do a great job. Now I want to see it, even if he does kiss a girl... D;

Christina S. said...

Glamorous Sky is originally Hyde's Song from L'arc En Ciel. Mal's voice is slightly heavier than Hyde, but still can brings out the high tune of the song :D

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