Finally! The wait is over! KyuSaeng is coming to the Philippines! Yipee! Visit the official site for more details: What are you waiting for? Grab your tickets now!

Video Uploader: GEPPInc@YouTube

For those who want to contribute to the Young Saeng Project... to make our prince smile, here's how you can take part...
Credit: TSPH


Anonymous said...

Youngsaeng and kyujong is already here in the philippines at this moment! ~_^

they where in some resort here in the philippines for the video & photo shooting..

only 1 or 2 more scenes left to shoot and they are off to korea again....

(based from their tweets 16 dec 2010)

Anonymous said...

Oh! I really wanna go. But there's too many artists that will have concerts here. Here are some international artists, We the Kings + The Maine + Never Shout Never + Taylor Swift + Yellowcard + Super Show 3 + Justin Bieber with Poreotix. Waaaa! :D I love the year 2011. Most anticipated events of the year here in the Philippines.

nay said...

how about kyu jong oppa??
is the project only for young saeng oppa???
why don't make it for both of them??

Larazel said... late for this news!!..but what surprise and cant help for me to get teary is that they will be here..on my 18'th birthday!!!..waa~~~

cant believe it!!...gosh!!..hope i can go too!!!..

ahmm..will they have some guestings too/??..

Anonymous said...

OMG I'm so glad for you girls!!! I'm jelous too xD jaja what can I do!! I can't believe your so lucky
Try to kiss Young saeng and Kyu Jong oppa for me please!! xD jajaja I'm from Peru and It's really far T.T I'd like to see them here

Anonymous said...

WAH! I want to go, but I have school the week after and the day before and the day on the meet (I'm studying in US for highschool). :( I wish I studied in the Philippines instead so I can go :\
Maybe I can ask my older brother who's studying there for college can go for me. I can even afford it that I can't go :(

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