Kim HyunJoong donated Asia Games opening ceremony clothes

Singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong donated his clothes worn in Asia Games opening ceremony.

On the 14th, 7pm, Kim HyunJoong participated in Japan DATV’s charity activity ‘Smile Project’ 1st activity ‘Message to Asia’, during the charity auction activity, Kim HyunJoong gave his clothes worn during Asia Games opening ceremony.

Kim HyunJoong said: “This clothes was specially tailored for the Asia Games opening ceremony.” “(Allowing it) to be used in meaningful means it is very worthwhile.” Kim HyunJoong convey his thoughts: “Because this is an activity that would allow children in Asia to get back their smile, before this has been concerned (on this kind of activities), being able to put it into action, felt very happy.”

Kim HyunJoong participated in the 16th Guangzhou Asia Games opening ceremony on 12th last month, during the opening ceremony, together with WeiWei, TanJing, Joey Yung, David Tao and other Great Chinese circle stars performed the Asia Games theme song ‘Sunshine Again’ infront of few 10,000 audience, became a hot topic.

On this day, Kim HyunJoong appeared at the opening ceremony stage with famous Japanese producer Komuro Tetsuya co-produced ‘Smile Project’ theme song ‘Power of Smile’, he had continued to perform songs included in drama ‘Naughty Kiss’ OST ‘One More Time’, solo song ‘Please be good to me’, leaving a deep impression on the Japanese fans.

The ‘Smile Project’ held by Asia entertainment specialize channel DATV is a social charity activity which responsible to allow the future children of Asia to have a smile everyday. It’s future proceed will be donated via NPO ‘KnK’ to help in Cambodia and Philippines and other Asia regions’ underpriviledge children.

Also on that day’s ‘Smile Project’, other than Bae YongJun and Kim HyunJoong, singer cum actor HwanHwi and idol group Dae Guk Nam Ah, Japan singer GACKT and Japanese idol group Shu-i, Taiwan Vaness and Joe Cheng have participated in the program with zero reward (pay).

As the activity on that day was Bae YongJun since last September 2009, revisit to Japan after 1 year 3 months for performance, Tokyo Dome 30,000 seats tickets were fully sold, creating lots of attention.

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HyunJoong, Explosive Response from Japanese Fans as SS501 Leader Still

Despite group SS501 members have all moved to various other agencies separately and starting on their individual activities, the Japanese fans are still chanting Kim HyunJoong as the leader of SS501.

On 14-Dec, 4pm at Tokyo Dom City JCB Hall, the official photo session started. Shu-I, D-NA, Tomuro Tetsuya, GACKT, VANNESS, Kim HyunJoong, Joe Cheng, HwanHee, Bae YongJoon were there for the photo taking.

Only 630 fans were chosen by drawing lots to attend this event and 200 reporters from Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and other Asia countries came to report on this event.

At the official photo session, Kim HyunJoong said in Japanese ‘Hello. I am Kim HyunJoong. Seeking for your support.’ He said and put on a bright smile.

Every time Kim HyunJoong appears on stage, the Japanese fans will shout ‘leader’ (meaning SS501′s leader) and chant cheers for Kim HyunJoong. Besides that, Kim HyunJoong nodded slightly and smiled towards his fans while saying his thanks.

Kim HyunJoong came in a comfortable and casual style, wearing matching black jeans with black coat and black vest.

Later from 6pm onwards is the public recording of "Smile Project" charity event program ‘Message! To Asia’ (planned to be broadcasted on 2010-01-10), held at Tokyo Dome and broadcasted through Channel DATV which specializes in broadcasting Asia Entertainment Contents,

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Singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong revealed that “I don’t feel upset when being called ‘Little Yon-sama’.”

On 14-Dec, Kim HyunJoong was at Tokyo Dome for charity event “Message! To Asia”, and had a short interview time with reporter from Korea at a late hour after ending the event. Ambitions in the future as a Hallyu Star, desire to be both singer and actor, Kim HyunJoong said frankly on his thoughts about being called as ‘The 2nd Bae YongJoon’.

In regards to being labelled as ‘Post Yon-sama’ ‘The 2nd Bae YongJoon’, Kim HyunJoong said “I don’t feel upset when being called as that. I think that it is a compliment this way because ‘Yon-sama’ has an extreme influence on culture. I wish to become even just half as good as him. My weapon is to be able to act, dance and sing, so I think I will be something, be it ‘The 2nd Yon-sama’ or ‘The 1st Kim HyunJoong’.”

- This is your first time performing in Tokyo Dome, what is your feeling?

Since advancing into Japan, my target is to (perform) in Bodokan Areana and then lastly in Tokyo Dome, 2 of my targets were accomplished this year, even my final target has been accomplished. Even though it is not a solo concert, being able to perform in Tokyo Dome, I understood about the dignity of this concert venue. I have the ambition to be able to hold a concert in Tokyo Dome when my solo album is released next year.

- For a moment, you mentioned before to focus on acting, but you will release a solo album next year and will be starting your activities as a singer.

Acting and singing will go on side by side. Even though it is tough, it is not too hard on me. I want to show myself as a singer and also showing myself acting.

- You are close to Bae YongJoon personally as to even call him ‘hyung’, what is your thought about seeing Bae YongJoon in Tokyo Dome this time?

He seems like a different person somehow. I felt that he is really remarkable when I saw him talking naturally with the audience on such a big stage. I watched YongJoon hyung on stage at Tokyo Dome for about 10 minutes, and I felt many times that he is ‘Yon-sama’ at that time rather than YongJoon hyung. I felt a little awkward with that feeling.

- Changing your management agency to KeyEast, you have been called as ‘Little Yon-sama’ ‘Post Bae YongJoon’.

I don’t feel upset about ‘Post Yon-sama’ ‘The 2nd Yon-sama’ ‘The 2nd Bae YongJoon’. I think that it is a compliment this way because ‘Yon-sama’ has an extreme influence on culture. I wish to become even just half as good as him. My weapon is to be able to act, dance and sing, so I think I will be something, be it ‘The 2nd Yon-sama’ or ‘The 1st Kim HyunJoong’.

- It is not exaggerating to say that Kim HyunJoong’s posters are all over Myeongdong Seoul. You have received lots of love from fans all over Asia, what is the appealing part of it?

I went to Singapore and Malaysia and extremely many people came to support. I was really shocked because there were really a lot who came. I find it very amazing and was shocked, I think it is no doubt the growth of internet. Because they can easily learn about Hallyu and download videos almost simultaneously, so I also have fans from far away countries. Above all, I think it is because of the successful exports of ‘Boys over Flowers’.

- In this performance at Tokyo Dome, you showed yourself dancing which you haven’t shown for a long time. What is your feeling?

It is not that I will not dance when I am not coming out as a dance singer, I am practicing dancing everyday. So that I will not get unfamiliar with it. My solo album which will be released next year has been in preparation since a long time ago. In order to show my image as someone who can sing and dance in front of the public, I continued to dance. Overseas fans mainly know me as Yoon JiHoo from drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, so they will be surprised to see me dancing, but I want to show a better image as a singer next year.

- The 1st generation Hallyu star is Bae YongJoon, 2nd generation is So JiSub, it is not too much to say that Kim HyunJoong is the 3rd generation. What is the characteristic of the 3rd generation?

Even though I don’t know who set the 1st, 2nd generation, the generation now is to have ‘diversity’. Having diverse talents in singing, dancing, and even acting, individuals will stand out with diversity and that is the 3rd generation of Hallyu star.

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