SS501 Park JungMin, Japan Photobook Sale Commemoration Fan Sign Event ‘Crowded’

On 21-Dec, with an upcoming fan meeting in Japan, SS501 Park JungMin’s photobook publication commemoration fan sign event was held at Shinjuku ‘Fukuya Book Store’.

Park JungMin’s photobook publication commemoration fan sign event is limited to 400 people, with about 4,000 applicants for this event, the ratio is high at 10:1, and recorded for the first time a sold-out of the limited edition photobook. With the high interest as such, the traffic around Shinjuku ‘Fukuya Book Store’ was paralyzed on the day when the fan sign event was held.

Park JungMin’s photobook, which was being published first in Japan, made it to the news with his collaboration with some of the best staffs in Japan. With ZARD, Yoshikawa Kooji, Hiroseae Ryoko, Fukada Kyoko, Matsushita Nao, Miyazaki Aoi, and for the photo shoot with the best photographer Hosono JinJu and Shimizu Amiko who is currently the hair make up artist for Ayase Haruka, producing hand in hand with the best professionals in Japan and filling it with the best quality.

Meanwhile, after finishing the fan sign event, Park JungMin will complete his schedule for fan meeting in Osaka on 22-Dec and Tokyo on 23-Dec before returning back.

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @


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