The snow has come~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Let's have a snowball fight tonight at 12AM at Dobong-gu, Seoul city, Yuksam-dong 1205-102, gather at the playground.


I came back from overseas and its the first snow for me.......

Therefore, let the hidden dog tail come out and leap around. keke

Are all of you holding on well in the cold with your boyfriends until Christmas ???

If you don't want to be alone...

For christmas I didn't prepare any presents ..... this plan.... has gone bust.. (you all can) leash me ㅜㅜ Sorry

you believe?

Note from wonderrrgirl: * leash = I believe he is talking about how we can 'kill' him, since he can't give us presents now ^.^ the plan has gone bust! ^.^

Korean-English translation: Wonderrrgirl @ LoveKimHyunJoong.com

Hahahaha! You believe him about the snowball fight!?? 4D Leader! Never fails to create an impact with his messages. LOL! It's snowing in Korea!!! Baby also tweeted a while ago that it's snowing. Aaaah, would have been a fabulous time to see SS501 in Seoul. Anyway, thanks for this 4D message Leader! Get enough rest!


maryam said...

Hi oppa i love u so much.

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