DSP Media prepares to debut a new boy group

DSP Media Entertainment is preparing to debut a new boy group that industry representatives have nicknamed “SS502.” The company opened an audition earlier, and the final members were chosen on January 7th.

The company created the group with the intention to continue the success of their representative boy group, SS501. Although their debut date hasn’t been revealed yet, each of the members are undergoing strict training in a variety of genres.

In an interview with Newsen, DSP Media revealed, “About five members have joined the group. We’ll be releasing details on the confirmed members by the end of this month. We’ve brought in our composers to change it up musically, and our goal is to debut them within the first half of this year.”

Source: Allkpop

I really don't know what to make of this news. If this is true at all, I wouldn't even attempt to decipher or analyze what DSP would like to accomplish by naming their "new group" SS502. I mean, honestly! I just can't comprehend what goes on in their minds, so I'll just shut up. LOL. Then again, maybe this is just another case of the media blowing things out of proportion. So let's just chill and wait to see what happens.


MYST said...


MBB said...

Agreed! Has any other Korean music company done something like this: attention, new band coming out that's the replacement for this band! The part "to continue their success" bothers me - who's telling them that SS501 isn't currently successful? People are dumb.

Anonymous said...

this is totally shocking
it's just like someone telling me that SS502 is going t replace SS501
which i cant even imagine ever!!!!!!
I dont care, whatever they do
i'll just have to keep saying no one could ever replace SS501! inpluse if they really want to make a new group they shouldnt use SS501's name
i mean SS501 is copyright!!!!!!

arghhhh! so angry

Anonymous said...

^^^ agree with 501%!

KaidaRita said...

..SS502, seriously?
No one will ever be able to replace SS501.
SS501 has always been successful, and they will continue to be successful. No one and nothing will ever take their place in our hearts.

SS501 fan for life! ~~♡

Besides, if they are going to make a new group, they shouldn't use SS501's name. Grrr >:\

Anonymous said...

hey chill!!! it is just a nickname. they dont decide the name yet. DSP also label KARA as 2nd FINKL. this is how they promote their new band. No one can replace our boys right

Janice said...

The name 'SS502' doesn't seem right. 5 Super Stars United As 2 Forever? o_0

Anonymous said...

though they introduce a lot of ssssss502, 3,4,5,and so on.... still... nothing compare to the original....

Arina said...

If DSP ent countine using this nickname..
Then it will become a series like csi miami season 1 then season 2..and so on ...
If they choose then it will sound so damn stupid for the series of boyband..
It's never been hearded people replacing senior to junior boy band with the same group name.
Have u guys heard of it?
OMG DSP trying to break the history?
Super Stars United As One Forever!
Dont try to replace them.
SS501 have no REPLACEMENT!

livingwiththedream said...

Firstly, it's DSP's fault of letting SS501 go, they shouldn't try to replace them. Second, they'll seriously get bashed by serious hardcore Triple S's soon... Thirdly, it's not really DSP who will get it soon but once the group debuts, the fans of SS501 will get them by spamming vids and songs comments so please note that it's DSP's fault here.... Fourthly, the original will and always will be the best and if they come out with good songs then SS501 will just have to come out with better songs.... In conclusion, DSP should back out or they will get their a$$ kicked by Triple S.... And one of the Triple S's will be ME!

Aoicho said...

DSP's frustration over SS501. SS501 is a big loss for them that's why they created that damn SS502 whatever! no matter what, nothing could beat the success SS501 had in the past years. I predict that SS502 whatever will not succeed. what a shame DSP!

Anonymous said...

Darn! SS502? Pathetic... DSP is totally insane and desperate. The company must go to hell. SS501 is irreplaceable. Shame on DSP!

Anonymous said...

Five stars will always be one..HAHA naming them SS502 would mean what? five of them would eventually split up in 2? or3? or4?

F.Y.I, there would always be one hyun joong, hyun jun, jungmin, kyu jong and young saeng. So no matter how many SS there are, there will only be ONE TRIPLE S FOR SS501!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kiefti said...

duh!!! SS502 what is that? a joke... dsp cannot replace our SS501, they will be forever no.1 in our hearts. Its their fault for letting go our SS501 boys and now they are trying to replace them, such a shame... as if they can replace our boys..HAHA.. I will be forever SS501 fan and no one can change that!! Lets prove them how much we love hyun joong, hyung jun, jungmin, kyu jong and young saeng!! SS501 FOREVER..=')

Anonymous said...

i dont know why.but this post make me hate DSP so much.duhhh!!!!


taravat said...

what ss502??haha
they cant do such a terrible thing.
oh my god i want to kill them
what is that mean?they want to say ss501 disabandon?me as ss501 fan cant accept this rubish.sorry for them i think all of ss501 fans have do s.th

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