Leader left a new message at his official website! I'm sure we all miss this 4D guy, so I'm happy that he decided to leave a message! A great way to start the New Year off! I was actually waiting for that picture he promised, of him praying... keke. But I love the picture of the sunrise. It's a beautiful symbol of another new year. Like the sun rising, let's start the new year with positive hearts, rising to new challenges and striving to become even better people.

Didn't take a pic of me praying over the new year... coz I've some personal matters..
So I went on the net to find a picture of a sunrise during new year and upload it... --;;;
Is this called illegal use...? keke
Erh, what was I saying...????
I'll guard and watch over you when I'm older
Don't know if I'm doing a good job for this...
Regardless, I will work even harder,
About admission tickets, to become someone who can get three more tickets, keke
Have you had tteok-guk????
I'm gonna go eat that now, keke
Actually I ate that too yesterday, as a side dish whilst drinking
Already 26 years old.... Darn... kekekeke
Darn... really... peyt peyt peyt (*bb: like 'pui pui pui' ^o^)
This xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
keke, just joking, keke
Happy New Year, may you have good health
I will also work hard to become someone you will anticipate and look forward to
You guys should be very happy that I appear on the net, ya??
But hope that you will just 'see' me on the net
(translator's note: korean fans' replies say he's wishing not to see stalkers)
Woohoo... I've been kicked out again... woohoo
Sonata, you're sick of it too, no????
I'll just let you off this one time, kekeke
(translator's note: korean fans' replies say there're too many stalkers,
and he's worried about being chased out of his apartment...? TT TT
Sonata...? you're now resorting to talking to a car? --!)

In the new year, I will release an awesome album ~ practice like mad
My goals for the new year is one good TV drama and two albums
Once that's done, I'll meet everyone happily in the coming year^^
Sorry I didn't keep my promise
But I will become someone that you'll find even more worthy to watch over, keke

English translation by: bb @LoveKimHyunJoong.com


Here's another translation...

Wasn't able to take a photo of me praying for a new year wish ...'coz I had some personal matters on hand then..
So that explains why I'm up on the internet here belatedly moving over a picture of the rising sun here ..ㅡㅡ;;;;
Shall this be non-movable then ...kk
Mm I mentioned all the time (that fans will support him) didn't I ?????? I'm growing so much older now and doesn't even know if you can still guard by me well enough ... Anyway I'll work harder to the extent of an admission ticket kk
I will become one whom you have to fight for another 3 admission tickets to see after kk
Have you drunk the ricecake soup ????????
I'm gonna go drink it now kk, in fact I ate it just yesterday.. as a side dish that is
26 years old already ne ................. Darn, shit kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
This darn thing .. Such damning.... geeez geeeez geeez
Such xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
kkkkkkk Just joking ...kkk
Be much blessed in the new year and be healthy, and for me, I'll work harder to become one who will make you go crazier over me
Now that I've gotten internet in our house, you sure are delighted ain't you?????? Even so let's just see each other on the net world
TT I'm chased out yet once more ...TT
Sonata...Annoying no??????? I will go watch it for once for sure kkkkk
Will release an awesome album in this new year, been crazily rehearsing and practising, to release 1 drama and 2 awesome albums is my yearly target ne kk
Only then could we meet one another next year delightfully ^^
Sorry I couldn't keep to my promise
And so instead, I'll become one whom you could better guard by about kkk

English translation by: SS501Ode@blogspot


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