Kim Hyung Jun Signs With Avex To Release Album In Japan

This past summer, the boys of SS501 ended their relationship with DSP Entertainment with the expiration of the their contracts. All the members went to various companies but despite being in different companies for their solo activities, the boys will still retain the SS501 name and eventually release tracks together as a group. During this time, member Kim Hyung Jun went on to sign with S-Plus Entertainment in Korea and it’s been recently revealed that he has signed on with Avex Entertainment for his solo activities in Japan. The information was recently posted on his official Japanese fanclub webpage.

The yet unnamed Japanese solo album is scheduled to be released on March 23rd and will go on pre sale on January 24th. He’s also scheduled to hold his [1st Part in Tokyo] fan meeting at the Shinagawa Stella Ball in Tokyo on February 19th. At this event, he will release more details on this album and also potentially sing some of the tracks from the upcoming album.

More details on SS501 Kim Hyung Joon’s Japanese debut with Avex

We reported earlier that SS501′s Kim Hyung Joon will be releasing his first Japanese solo album this March after contracting with Avex Entertainment.

His current agency, S Plus Entertainment, revealed on January 23rd, “In the future, Kim Hyung Joon will be working as a solo artist in both Korea and Japan. Out of all the SS501 members, Kim Hyung Joon is the one who’s scheduled with the earliest Japanese debut.”

They continued, “Along with his appearance in his musical, ‘Caffeine,‘ he’s been preparing for his solo album as well. As soon as the musical ends on the 23rd, he’ll be finalizing his album recordings, and will plan a variety of activities with Avex. We’ll be releasing the information to the Korean fans as soon as details are finalized. Upon the completion of his Korean schedules, Kim Hyung Joon will be heading over to Japan.”

Kim Hyung Joon commented, “I’m glad to be able to work with Avex. Right from the start, I’m already looking forward to so many things in 2011. I’m hoping to extend my own style in both Korea and Japan.”

A representative of Avex stated, “We’re also glad to be able to work with Kim Hyung Joon, who already has a prominent position as an artist. We’ll be making sure that he grows into an artist who represents not only Korea and Japan, but all of Asia as well.”

His musical, ‘Caffeine,’ will be closing on January 23rd, and the preparations for his March debut will begin soon after.

Source: allkpop

Our boys are really doing well in their solo activities! One proud TS right here! ♥


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