SS501 members go on solo activity, arrived in Hong Kong for fan meeting

South Korea group SS501 after going on solo activity, member Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng recently arrived in Hong Kong to hold their fan meeting, and took time to be interviewed by Oriental Daily. 2 of them exposed can’t forget Lan Kwai Fung speciality bars, if there’s time will want to return to Lan Kwai Fung.

SS501 member Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng yesterday arrived at airport for their Asia Expo fan meeting. Day before yesterday when both of them arrived, they had attracted over hundreds of fans to warmly welcome them in the airport. In between Taiwan idol Wu Chun walked out from the restricted area and had an embarrassing moment of fans welcoming the wrong person. Towards returning to Hong Kong and still getting unfailing love and support from his fans, Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng when being interviewed expressed they were surprised and happy when looking at the scene in the airport.

Bar has specialities
Both of them have very tight schedule this round, Heo YoungSaeng pointed out that if there’s time, he wish to visit Lan Kwai Fung again, this is because he think that the bar and nightspots there are very unique, hope to understand the local youth life, and also hope to play together.

SS501 5 members have already signed their contracts with different management agencies, but they will still meet like friends once in a while, currently each of them has already gradually started on their individual activities. Other than previously visited Hong Kong’s Kim HyunJoong making multiple direction development, Heo YoungSaeng would release his solo album next month, Kim KyuJong with his charming look, will first go towards the acting route, 2 of them also revealed that they admired Jacky Chan and revealed that he was the Hong Kong star that they most wanted to meet.

Going solo not so lively
As for when being questioned about whether it is difficult when going solo, they both separately expressed when 5 of them were together, it is more lively, and now they have to start off as new comers.

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Anonymous said...

do somebody knows what type of voice has Young Saeng?I mean diapason

Anonymous said...

he just coming very soon to manila i cant to see them both of them and i hope they will come back the 5 of them together

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