Park JungMin makes his solo come back. After his contract with his previous agency has ended and moved on to his new agency, he is the 1st among the members to make his solo come back. His single “Not Alone”, denote the meaning of not lonely.

Actually, Park JungMin originally had scheduled to come back on last year end November, however due to the North Korea attack to Pyongyang Island incident, his album release is delayed for 2 months.

Despite that, Park JungMin still remain optimistic. “On the day of the incident, I was at Japan. Receiving such bad news in other country, no matter what the feeling was very complicated. To be frank, in the beginning I felt very exhausted. However, if were to release the album during this kind of time, my heart felt that it was very inappropriate. Therefore made the wise decision.”

‘Not Alone’ MV has been released on mid November. In the MV, it included homosexual and other marginalized group in the society kind of content. As SS501 member, Park JungMin who is known as an idol singer, because included serious and heavy social topic directly into MV, created wide discussion.

“For a singer that make general music, will definitely sing love song. However, currently I don’t want to purely sing love song. Other than giving a message to the society, I wish to include various type of message and convey via the song. Especially during the beginning of the come back, wish to add on this image.”

In actual fact, ‘Not Alone’ lyrics which Park JungMin wrote, its lyrics could made many kind of explanation. For example, it could be explained as the feeling of lovers desiring each others, or regarding the area of society, marginalized group hoping to be treated with equal and tolerance. Other that this, could also explain as, among the SS501 5 members, Park Jung Min’s feeling of being the 1st person to make his solo come back.

As for music, it has conveyed both the majestic and retro style. Beginning with majestically orchestral music and strong beat electronic music, constitute to the sad mood for the whole song. The melody and structure are equally consistent, reducing the unbalance and distance feel from electronic noise. The overall feel, despite the continuation of SS501 style, it feels very good.

“Actually when choosing the music genre, I was very worried. Choosing ‘Not Alone’ and not selecting other nominated main theme songs, was because this song’s lyric sounds very faithful and trusty. What a singer needs to learn, is to turn a 100% not touching song, to inspire the general public. Until now, song produced during SS501 period, no doubt still hold a place in my heart.”

Of course it is not all of SS501. Second track “Do you know” and “My Everyday is Christmas” contain band music, showing a different style. “Do you know” is rock folk song, while “My Everyday is Christmas” is Bassa Nova (Samba dance music mixed with modern jazz) medium speed music. Park JungMin laughed and spoke frankly: “Because now going to come back, don’t need to find my style again.” Actually, Park JungMin had already held his solo fan meeting on 22 & 23 last month at Japan Osaka and Tokyo, during that time there were also live band performance.

Park JungMin mentioned when working alone, do not feel very heavy burden or pressure. “Because is the 1st among five of them, I seem to get a lot of attention. The result of my activities might become a stimulation for the other members. Therefore, I hope to work even more harder to start, hope to show in all area my strength and talent. I will work hard and worthy of SS501.”

SS501 is one of the best idol group. However previous glory, cannot continue to mesmerized like perfume. Debut for 7 years, currently in his flower like 25years old, to singer Park JungMin, the past has already recorded in the history, the future will be an even more dazzling and splendor page.


Are you guys excited for his album release tomorrow? Don't forget, we can show our love for him by supporting him through and through!


Anonymous said...

will it be available in the Philippines?

Janice said...

The full MV is already out...o_0

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