Returned as solo. Standing as solo with his own name ‘Park Jung Min’ from group ‘SS501’, he has an extraordinary air on him. Even though with a unique mellow voice as before, his face shows quite a determination when saying ‘Not Alone’. ‘Not Alone’ is the title song for his first solo album, and Park Jungmin is also as such.

“Even at the thought of temporary leaving SS501 members, I thought ‘Should I just stop doing everything?’. With that type of mindset, I went through a hard time and even to the extent of having a wrong thought of ‘Should I quit on my life here?’. However, because there are people who believe that I can do well even as 1 person ‘Park JungMin’, and not SS501, I was able to get over the hard times.”

In place of the extreme word ‘suicide’, he used a different word to express, and immediately casually gave a bright smile. This is because he spread out his own wings, putting behind the glamorous title of ‘SS501’, and dumped the thought of being ‘alone’. No, actually that he realised there are things he will do by himself and many others he can do. In addition, this album is filled with songs that tell his own stories.

“Putting in my feelings for the lyrics, it would be a lie if I say that the lyrics for ‘Not Alone’ or ‘Do you know?’ are written 100% without bearing them in mind (his yearning for the members). But I hope even more to convey a hopeful message to those who are neglected in the society, those who felt ‘alone’ that there will always be someone by your side. I hope that you can decipher ‘Do you know?’ as the feelings of a couple who broke up. (laughs)”

In fact, ‘temporary’ as what he said, was not a forever farewell with SS501 members from the start. Park JungMin is still continuing his friendship with SS501 members, and planning to release album every year with the members with the right opportunity and time.

“We always talk about coming back together among our members. However rather than to cramp those unexpected work together, we wish to put aside 2~3 months to work on it and to release the album on a specific date every year. More than being virtual promise, this will be an album that fans will be waiting for like their valentine. The agencies that the members are under, all agreed to it. Only that, all of us are still busy with our own activities….”

Park JungMin’s album title song ‘Not Alone’ is a song where the beautiful orchestra stands out. Especially that it is powerful in the introduction, and the sad violin melody represents his cries. While preparing for this album, he puts in much sincerity in his music in each and every song.

“Even though I heard over thousands of melody but I wrote the lyrics at one go. Initially I wanted to write about thanking Mother Nature but then it seems like it’s too bombastic. (laughs) A song that cannot touch the singer will not be able to touch the hearts of the general public, that I learnt by experience, so in the end I wrote my true feelings within myself. It made me realize that I should be thankful for being ordinary/normal everyday.”

If title song ‘Not Alone’ is the continuity of SS501 music, then 2nd track ‘Do You Know?’ is a song that contains the passion and music style by his own name ‘Park JungMin’. In the alternative rock rhythm, the dreamy British-pop sound makes this song attractive, Park JungMin not only wrote the lyrics but also participated in all its production. Could it be because of the burden that he is ‘alone’ and not as 5, that made him even more hard working?

“Having to do everything on my own when it used to be done by 5 of us, I think that this is a process that anyone must go through when they develop/grow up. Even though now I am still at a stage of challenging it, wouldn’t I be able slowly and steadily find a style of my own? (laughs) Rather than bearing the thoughts of ‘I must do well’ ‘I must show something’, I think I will slowly become stronger. I must become stronger so that others can rely on me, I want to become a great person as such. I don’t think I will give up when it gets more difficult, I will think of the times when I learnt what I can do on my own.”

He lost 12kg, leaving him with a defined jaw line and muscles to be proud of, the chatty Park JungMin made a new promise to his fans. In the love letters sent to his fans are the lyrics to his song ‘My everyday is Christmas’.

“That tired expression in your eyes always remain in me. Other than your breathe, I can’t see your image and can’t make you stay too (Not Alone Lyics)” during the difficult times of his. “Do you know? You are a special person to me (Do You Know? Lyrics)” says his confession. “Hm I am very happy, everything about you is great. Even as I sleep, sometimes I see you so made me excited. Which is why if we are together, my day is Christmas everyday” like this. His love towards his fans is the reason that brings forth a solo musician ‘Park JungMin’.

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