Korean popular boy band SS501 flower boys Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng will have their first-ever fanmeeting here in the Philippines.

The two poster boys have already shown their talents not only in Korea but as well as across Asia. Kyu Jong has starred in various dramas in Korea which includes "Break" and "S.E.T.I", in which he showed an outstanding dancing and acting skills. Young Saeng is one of SS501's main vocals and has exceptional and melodic singing skills. The two became more even popular not only in Korea but as well as across Asia with their hit single "Because I'm Stupid", a song that SS501 sang for the original sound track of the phenomenal Korean Drama "Boys Over Flowers".

Kyu Jong and Young Saeng commenced their fan meeting tour in Seoul, Korea followed by Thailand & Hong Kong. They are scheduled to hold their fanmeeting in Japan on January 22 and have their Asian tour's finale in the Philippines on February 5.

The fan meeting will include a mini-concert wherein the two will show their individual and excellent skills in singing and dancing. They will also have a direct conversation with fans during a question and answer session and fans may participate in activities on stage with Kyu Jong and Young Saeng.

Kyu Jong & Young Saeng AND Story in Manila will be Greenlights Events & Productions Phils. Inc. first ever showcase. So fans of Kyu Jong and Young Saeng, and Triple S must not miss this very rare event to see and interact with their idols.



Manila will be their last stop! Wow, I'm so excited! I hope they will have surprises and do performances which they haven't done before in the previous fanmeetings. After all, finales are always special aren't they? You wouldn't want to miss this guys! Grab your tickets now!


KaidaRita said...

I wanna go sooo bad! I can even afford the VIP tickets TT_TT
Unfortunately I live in the US, and it's on a school day
But maybe I can ask my older brother in Cavite, to go for me or something...

babykenmari07 said...

waaaa... i really want to come..but im only a 2nd yr student.. :( i dont have enough money :(( huhuhuhuhu

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