Kim Hyun Joong schedules solo debut for May

News reports of Kim Hyun Joong finalizing his debut solo album have recently surfaced, but Kim Hyun Joong has denied the reports, saying that the project is far from complete.

His agency spoke through Newsen on February 7th and stated, “Kim Hyun Joong’s album is scheduled for release this May. It’s a bit too early to say that he’s ready for his comeback, however. We’re still discussing his concept and collecting songs. He also hasn’t recorded any of the songs yet.”

Since it’s his solo debut, Kim Hyun Joong revealed that he wanted to put in his best effort before rushing to release. His CEO added, “He won’t be acting or participating in other activities until the release of his album. He has a lot of greed with his music, and will be focusing entirely on that.”

Source: allkpop


Kim Hyun Joong talks about his forthcoming album

Q1: What kind of album you have in mind? ( to be released in summer?)

A : Now in the process of selecting songs from the candidates. I have not yet decided the contents. I received roughly 300 candidate songs. I will select 5~6 songs till the end of December.

Q2: Any tips for Japanese fans who are anxiously awaiting your album ?

A : Well, the dance numbers are focused. I would like to write some lyrics by myself, though I still wonder I can compose a song or not. I will include a Japanese version as well. The album will have a variety, a China version, Taiwan version, to be addressed to the Asia. As I will upgrade performance as well as vocal, I would like to promote showcase activities. I will do my best so that I will be able to have a promotional showcase in Japan.

Q3 : You previously talked that you were composing songs by playing a guitar, or piano in your private studio at home. How about your recent music activities?

A : As I am too much occupied that I cannot have such a private time. In order to prepare for my solo album, I would like to have a dance lesson first. For that purpose, a famous dancer is coming from NY , who choreographed for Usher Raymond IV(R&B singer), Justine Timberlake, and Ne-Yo. I will take a private dance lesson from him.

Q4: Wow, we can expect a genuine dance performance !

A : Yes, please look forward to seeing it. Therefore, I would like to challenge to guitar, or composing songs after I upgrade my dance performance to the level I feel satisfied.

Q5: Recently, Kpop is getting more and more popular. How do you feel about it?

A: I am very happy that many Korean activists are active in Japan, getting high reputation now. Though the center of the popular artists are now boys group as well as girls groups, I would like to make my best efforts by myself so that I can prove that Korean solo artists are fantastic.

Q6: Wow, it increases our expectation! What kind of music, do you aim?

A: The music I would like to aim is “ performance music “ . With fusion of music, dance, and a beautiful video art, I would like to show audiovisual performance which stimulates sense of vision and hearing.

Q7: What kind of film or audiovisual, do you like the best?

A: First of all, I like SF. Among recent films, I like “Transformer” and “Avatar” .
I am interested in that kind of vision.

Q8: Do you think of creating something, reflecting such SF-like audiovisual into your MV?

A: Yes, that is right ! My MV will be something new and very unique one, being inspired by those creations. I have something in my mind now. When you have my next album in your hand, you will understand, “ This is what Hyun Joong wanted to realize !”

Q9: From now on, you are going to expand your activities to Japan, China, Taiwan and so on, to the global world. What you would like to achieve in Asia?

A: I would like to have a big charity event with all the fans from Asia at one spot.

Interview done in December 2010
Credits: B-Pass + Japanese to English translation by Lafone /


jjovenq said...

This is HUGE! I'm not sure if I can even imagine what an awesome piece of work he's brewing. OMG, his choreographer, that of JT, Usher, Ne Yo? I'm falling off my seat now! wooohooo..A concert where all Asian fans are in 1 spot??!!! Am speechless already..

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