February 16, 2011

Kyu Jong's Precious Smile

I really love Kyu's smile... it's so sincere and cute and super nice! You can really tell that he's a kind guy with his smile. Do you guys agree? It's like his pureness inside radiates outwardly, and it comes out in his aura that's why he's positively glowing when he smiles. It's so precious. Really warms my heart!

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peaprincess501 said...

his eyes too, i like how electifying his gazes are and i wanna experience his penetrating stare myself. i cant imagine the chills down my spine and butterflies in my stomach. kyujong changed so much, hes a flirt and tease and he oozes so much sex appeal now *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Im super super Agree agree!!!!!!!!!!!
He's the one in a million for me ^^
Love you so damn much and he's my ultimate Bias ^^

Anonymous said...

He's the only one guy who melts my heart with those sweet smile ^^

^hanjoon^ said...

well, i am TripleS but for KyuJongie~
i like his voice, but seeing the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and the rest of the pictures, makes me like him more (especially the smile)..love him~
wish him good luck..^^HWAITING!

Ivannah said...

The smile that always melts my heart.It makes me feel warm :D

Anonymous said...

his smile cannot resist ever :) keep it up

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