"Overseas+Domestic fans are in the control of my hand" -- 【Country-Citizen Mindset】

Isn't it just so true that celebrities survive onwards and forward with the love from fans. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Park Jungmin is now so slated with all these love from his domestic and, of course, foreign fans.

He's well-known for his unusually good relation with his fans.

To this, Park Jungmin explains, "It's a way to show my gratitude to my fans. Shall I put it as 'the country-citizen mindset'* then?", as he tossed a nostril to that. "I don't think I'm the kind of celebrity who tends to every single fan out there. However I really work hard to show my gratitude to fans who like me as a sole individual".

"I don't find it a need to show formalities towards fans. It's a must to express my thanks to people who have come to see me. Though there are also somewhat less-pleasant fans at times too, I come to think of it as another form of fans' love", as he flaunted his extraordinary love for fans.

However... "Anti-fans are but simply anti-fans. I do monitoring, and sometimes when I look at comments and sees the comments of anti-fans, I feel stressed. But now, I no longer find a need to think too much about these comments". With that, he shows his seasoned efforts in tackling with such issues.

The infinite affection for Park Jungmin isn't domestically only but also in overseas, and that's quite something. He has plans to release an album in Japan soon and also do a drama in Taiwan and also release an album there, as he will soon find his way to overseas fans.
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Indeed, the Jack-of-all-trades Park Jungmin is obviously going to capture the hearts of all overseas fans with his attempts to challenge acting over the seas. He may have experience in musicals already and so worries for acting will be less crude but still, he has his worries. We all hope to transform into hanryu star Park Jungmin who has broken through SS501's corral and does his country proud.

Credits: TVDaily + English translation by Ode@blog

Thoughts like 'I will feel lonely' is a No-No!!!

Singer Park Jungmin from SS501 has returned to his fans with 'NOT ALONE'. With his more matured musculine beauty, it's difficult to find the feel of a 'kkap' idol in him.

As compared to what we thought it was, he showed an extremely serenaded side of his when we thought it was tough for him to stand on his own feet now; and with that, he washed away the concerns of his fans and other members', "At first, because of the burden, I became very worried and nervous, but with the inevitable incident that happened, the album was delayed and instead I found relaxation. Now, to spend time alone has become very natural for me", as Park Jungmin said.

"Even loneliness has turned to be a natural thing to deal with. For me now, everything has turned to become familiar, and days without the members have turned into normal, ordinary days", "When we were doing activities as a group, it was so noisy like city markets, so on stages and backstage, it was so fun. But now, instead of the members, I'm dealing enjoyingly well with the staff", as he confessed to his own method of carrying out activities without his members.

However, he did not exclude plans for activities with his members, "It'll be great if our members could re-unite together. It's the hopes of all our members, but because we are all in different agencies now, it looks a little difficult and there's no concrete specifics set right now".

"We don't want to cause disturbance and conflicts to each agency and so we thought that by getting to a fair agreement right from the start, we could then be able to adjust our schedules in advance and thus stand on the stage together", as he divulged his peculiar understanding of economy concept.

In his album this time round, Park Jungmin tended to every single matter in it. Besides participating in the lyrics writing for all the songs, he also gave many of his personal suggestions like in certain parts of the performing stages so as to insert vibrancy, etc. He indeed possesses the responsibility to perfectly deliver his personal stage without his members, and of course to also show to audiences a refreshing side of his as he re-challenges forward.

'NOT ALONE' that consists of beads and beads of sweat of Park Jungmin, let's just give our attention to how he will influence in future.

Credits: TVDaily + English translation by Ode@blog

I Will Break That Record With an Unconventional Stage!

Park Jungmin has now stood on his own feet where he leaves SS501 for just a moment. He found his way to the interview venue looking a little haggard as we wonder if he's just too tired from digesting all the busy schedules alone by himself. However, as usual, he tackles to the interviews with smiles whether or not the interview was 1.5 hours and even later.

To be honest, he looked a little unfamiliar. He found his way to the interview location without his members as he opened to the door and showing his very much different outlook and style from before; it wasn't the SS501's Park Jungmin like last time. He is now thinner with deeper and manlier eyes.

For the sake of his first solo album 'NOT ALONE', Park Jungmin has had shed 10kg of weight, "There is image transformation attached with this time, and because the song itself is a strong-themed one, I tried hard to train my body and of course dieted as well. I thought it'd be a good try for the sake of a better impact on my 're-challenge' for this time", as he revealed the reason to why he carried out dieting.

However, "I went to look at the DVDs when we were doing group activities back then, and I thought I looked like a huge bear jumping around everywhere; I then began to take on diet controlling where I only eat chicken breasts. I also worked out two times per day", "But these days, fans have been complaining highly that I should just really stop losing weight", as he tossed nostrils to that statement.

To this soon, he changed the look in his eyes, "I want to show people a different side of Park Jungmin through this time's solo album. Serious and yet genuine. I worked really hard for that", as he delivered his extraordinary affection for his album.

With regards to the performances for this time's album, Park Jungmin can be said to have put in a lot of blood and time. "As compared to other singers whose skills are outstanding in terms of dancing or vocals, I admit that I still pale to them. That's why I wanted to stand out with the difference in my songs where they will have this musical feel and a cheoreography with a storyline to it", as he divulged.

An honest singer like Park Jungmin has admitted to what he needs to admit and also tried his very best to magnify and prove to people about his greatest forth-comings. In his album this time round, his genuinity from deep within him rises and surfaces outwards as it fills the album to the brim. Let's just anticipate Park Jungmin's activities for the future.

Credits: TVDaily + English translation by Ode@blog


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