Jung Minnie is inviting everyone to come to his fanmeeting in Taiwan on Feb 19 and 20! Read the news below.

Side comment:
When KyuSaeng went to Manila, it was also Janet's concert. And now coincindentally, she and Mal will also perform in Taiwan. I wonder if all 5 boys love Janet Jackson. Just saying. Keke.

Anyway, who's coming to see Min in Taiwan? ;)

Video Uploader: oloverbobo@YouTube

Friends in Taiwan, Hi, How are you, I am Park JungMin
I am Park JungMin, will be coming to Taiwan to hold a fan meeting. Yeah~
In order to thank everybody support towards me
I will work hard and diligently to prepare the performance
All of you also work hard to prepare to meet me! Ok?
I will wait for you. Bye~

English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit

Park Jung Min 17 Feb Taking CX421 Flight to Taiwan, 1st Time Singing Chinese Song

Korean Hottest Boyband SS501 member Park Jung Min will be going to Taiwan to meet up with his fans finally! He will be having his solo fansign session and fanmeeting in Taiwan on 19 & 20 Feb respectively. He will be taking Cathay Flight CX421 and reached Taipei Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1 at 11am. After which, there will be a series of tight promotion schedule plans. With the tight schedules, Park Jung Min has already prepared himself to grab every chance he has to meet up with his fans and will not let his fans down.

As this time coming to taiwan he will encounter with Janet Jackson who will be having her concert on the 18 Feb at the Taipei Exhibition Hall. As he is a fan of Janet Jackson, he kept asking his company to let him off a few hours to allow him to watch her concert but due to the already tight arrangement of interviews on that day, he have to forgo her concert. In addition to Park Jung Min fanmeeting on 20 Feb, he is also having his fansign session on 19 Feb at XiMenDing Red House Square by Sony Music Taiwan other than to let the fan can see him free of charge, and also to thanks his western area of his fans in taiwan who are not able to attend his fanmeeting on 20 Feb. His company are afraid that he will be too tired, thus they only allow the 1st 200 albums to be sign and everyone is only allow to have 1 copy signed. Knowing that it will be very cold on the fansign day, Park Jung Min asked his company to tell his fan "Everyone, please take care of your health and keep yourself warm, do not catch any flu or else I will be very heart pain!"
Park Jung Min other than asking the hotel to prepare humidifier to protect his throat in the best condition, he also hope to get to try different kinds of taiwan cuisine. And in the 20 Feb fanmeeting, Park Jung Min will be singing a Chinese song. Due to this, he has enaged a Chinese teacher to strengthen his pronounication and boast that he want the fans to know and understand what is he singing without even looking at the lyrics. At the same time, the fans will be seeing a huge production of the fanmeeting as he will be bringing 6 korean professional dancers and personal coordinators and hairstylist to Taiwan so he will have a perfect performance for the fans. If you want to hear Park Jung Min singing Chinese song, you can only hear it on 20 Feb fanmeeting. At the same time, those 100 lucky fans who bought his album will be having an intimate session with him. His company will be bringing Commerorative Edition CD to sell on the 19 Feb. To purchase his fanmeeting ticket, pls go to http://www.ticket.com.tw/dm.asp?P1=0000011459

Credits: Taiwan Sony Website + Chinese to English Translation: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com


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keep it up jung min oppa and wish you all the best luck fighting :)

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