Group SS501 member Park JungMin and gagman Song YoungGil’s photoshopped photo gained attention.

Park JungMin, who recently started his solo activities in Japan, appeared in KBS 2TV ‘Gag Concert – BongSoongAh School’ broadcasted on 20-Feb, and was humiliated by GgaDoNam Song YoungGil.
*Ggadonam is acronym for Prickly & Arrogant Guy, this type of guy is made famous through drama Secret Garden’s Kim JooWon (HyunBin)

Song YoungGil said to Park JungMin “I am going to show you a true killer smile” and flashed a bizarre smile towards the audience. Song YoungGil continued “I can understand why you wanted to undergo cosmetic surgery to look like me.” He pinpointed, “The problem with your face is the ugly eyes.”

Song YoungGil continued “I have a photo which photoshopped my eyes onto your face, go to a cosmetic surgeon and ask them to do exactly the same (as the photo).” while showing a bizarre photo of the photoshopped photo. The photo where Song YoungGil’s small eyes were placed onto Park JungMin’s face, made Park JungMin and the audience laughed.

Park JungMin had an impromptu high-note contest with Song YoungGil, and received Song YoungGil’s favorite item, ‘Plaster on the stomach’

Even though there were jeers from the audience, Park JungMin calmly pasted the plaster on his neck, making the audience roar with laughter again.

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


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