Kim Hyun Joong, foreign baby passionate fan? Popularity go beyond nationality and age

Singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong, recently due to his popularity that goes beyond nationality and age become a hot topic.

Recently, in the internet forum, A movie clip titled "Foreign baby girl who passionately love Kim HyunJoong" attracted the attention of netizen.

In the video, a 18 month baby girl reading magazine together with her mother, her happy look was shown.

The footage shown when the little girl saw Kim HyunJoong's big poster in one of the page in the magazine, will start screaming with a happy smile, and pointing her finger towards Kim HyunJoong in the magazine.

Similarity to this movie clip, there's also another movie clip of a little girl and her mother watching SS501 'Love Like This' MV.

Source: + Chinese translation: 薇薇 @ Baidu Tieba KHJ + English translation:
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Here are the 2 videos...

Video Uploader: chengkhor1@YouTube

Video Uploader: usbterminalas@YouTube

I agree with the title. Leader really has fans beyond nationality and age. Even when I show my little cousins and nieces pictures and videos of SS501 and ask them who they like among the 5, they will always point at either Leader or Baby. Kekeke.


khatulistiwa said...

very cute baby.. I love to see her expression..
thanks 4 you to keep update info about KHJ and SS501..

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