Kim Hyung Jun is no longer the baby of SS501, he who have debut for 7 years will be standing on stage alone will show only the domineering side and not nervousness because of all his hardwork offscreen and a strong sense of pride. You can call Kim Hyung Jun a bright person, during the interview, he replied every question with smile. Although he still behave like a child some times, but he clearly knows what is the thing he wants. Not that he’s not nervous for his solo stage, but Kim Hyung Jun’s curiosity and confidence conquers his nervousness. Even though he’s standing on stage alone, you wouldn’t feel that other members is missing.
[To Kim Hyung Jun, what does SS501?]

[SS501 is the motivation behind Kim Hyung Jun now, is also the essential existence in my life. Members gave me lots of support and encouragement, they also say I must get Number 1. They have been following closely on my performance and asking me not to be nervous.] When he talked about himself, he was very calm, but when he mentioned other members, he suddenly turns into a child who’s much loved by members.

[Normally when we meet up, we will go for a drink. I can’t really hold my liquor, but others member are very good drinkers. Hyun Joong-hyung drink fast and he gets drunk very fast, he will definitely not wake up]. His embarrass expression when saying this is like Kim Hyun Joong Is now drunk beside him. [Young Saeng-hyung will become talkative, behaves like a child. Sometimes he will also imitate others, saying why Hyung Jun is so handsome. Jung Min will start running around, KyuJong will just stare with his eyes wide open.] His eyes lit with trust and affections with he talked about his members, it’s just like there’s an invisible lines that connects all members, maybe we will still get to see the day when all SS501 members stands on the same stage.

[Although now that our management company is different, but we promise each another that we will work together, if we can’t even keep this promise, then we really have no sense of obligation. Even if the period will be short, but we still hope to gathers together. Of course there’s bound to be inconvenience when our agency is different, but when all our individual activities have completed, till then, SS501 will release an album, either end of this year or beginning of next year.]

Things that hold SS501 together is not only music, Kim Hyung Jun, Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min and Kim KyuJong are all experienced in acting, [If I were to act with Hyun Joong-hyung, have to be that kind that will never meet each other kind of relationship. Wants to film something like [Movie is Movie], a character that’s so cool like So Ji Sub].

[Humanity Kim Hyung Jun VS Singer Kim Hyung Jun]

Kim Hyung Jun in variety shows also gives us an impression of outgoing and friendly impression, even when he’s standing on stage alone, there’s no sign of fright, able to speak him mind fluently, but in fact, Kim Hyung Jun is someone who enjoys to be alone. [The humanity Kim Hyung Jun is much petty, have many thoughts but don’t really voice out, also full of worries for own future. Likes to stroll alone along Hangang River and also likes driving around alone. As an entertainer Kim Hyung Jun, I’m flamboyance. Am very cheerful and positive. When people saw me, they will say that I’m very cheerful and hardworking].

Kim Hyung Jun who is very strict to himself, tones down when he talked about his family. He revealed that till now, other than his parents, he have not found any role model. He also said that he looks exactly like his mother and at the same time, he showed his love and care for this brother, Ki Bum who’s also a singer. [Ki Bum can do many things, because he like figurine, he once started a business for figurines. He’s also good at composing, if there’s a chance, I would like to release an album with my brother. Although it’s a pity that he left the group, but that is already the past and it’s better to be forgotten, I told him that I wish he could give a thought about what he really wants to do and wants him to face the reality].

Not only to his brother, Kim Hyung Jun also gave lots of support to Kara who was once their junior, [Have to keep in mind the thought that everything could be settle, have to learn to give in to each another. Compared to who’s standing by with who, it’s better to learn how to compromise].

[24 years old, age when you crave for love]

24 years old young blooded, this is the age that you crave for love. But 24 years old Kim Hyung Jun says work is his priority. [I hope that I can get a girlfriend 3 years later when I have more money, I like woman who are feminine, maybe people will find my thinking conservative, but I like girls who will listen to me and one who will be a good wife. Appearance, compared to gorgeous looking, I prefer girls who are not materialistic. I really like Son TaeYoung and Son YeJin, it seems like people with Son as surname is very beautiful], a rather picky standard, as if he is picking his bride.

Kim HyungJun who wants to focus on work has been working with female artiste recently, in his latest album, MV for and , there’s also pretty ladies, [Previously if were to work with female, I will be very shy and wouldn’t know what to say, but now I have open up. Sometimes I will think that by doing that, everyone will like it more, so I will try to find topic, and become more close others. Feels more power at work with female co-workers around than when I’m working alone].

[Hope that I could get Number 1 for this album], this is Kim Hyung Jun recent target. We also hope that he who faces everything with sincerity and positive attitude could achieve what he wished for.

Credits: 宣美炅记者 + English translation: reena29shadow@twitter
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I really like this interview! Yes, I agree 501%, there are invisible lines holding our 5 boys together, and that bond connects them no matter where they are!


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