Hello pretties..!! It's already March..^^ Is everyone doing well according to your new year resolutions?!!
I wanted to write message but maybe my computer is having some trouble..the message wasn't posted so I came here after such a long time^^
Always spend your each and everyday filled with laughters, I am thinking of this..!!
I really wanted to say this to many of you who wished me happy birthday!! Thank you ^^
I wish it is the same miracle in the world that I was born into.. Forever into the continuous future too *not too sure abt this
I will not fall. Give me one light from the shinning overflowing night sky
Hold even tighter forever to the dream that will be starting in the future..
That is one line from our ALL MY LOVE song..^^
This song keeps ringing in my ears today, and pretties came to my mind..!! So I came here like this~
Heard this very late isn't it?!! Hahaha...Sorry..^^ Hmhm!! Anyways!! Always!! Always!!
I sincerely pray and hope for you to be filled with happiness ^^ !! Enjoy the pain that comes sometimes!!
If you smile always, you won't realise how precious that smile is ^^ heehee!!
Instead, don't be complaining or be too stressed up!!~~ Let's enjoy always~~
Pretties.. I am rattling on and on by myself here today..^^
Hello hello~~heehee It was fun!! See you again everyone~~~

Credits : + SS601 + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Hahaha! Aww... our sweet center talking to himself, where have all the pretties gone? Kekeke. So sweet and thoughtful of him to visit their old company's tok tok board and write a few lines. It's so nice of him to think about us! "All My Love" was constantly ringing in his ears, and he thought of all the pretties. So heartwarming. I think of all the members, Kyu is the one who misses SS501 the most... wouldn't you agree? Just my guess.


jjovenq said...

I'm sure he does miss SS501 but I think each one of the members miss the group just as bad. The pressure to perform as solo artist is there. But knowing them, they will each soar high in their own ways!

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