The bebengs are so cute in their Summer & Love DVD clips! Here are some of the screencaps I made...

Screencaps by phtriples


lelouch said...

wow~ super lovely guys... sana nanjan din aku... huhuhu... hehe.. i love their BROMANCE very much!!!!

lelouch said...

wow... they are so handsome!!! as always!!!

Anonymous said...

yay they are so cute and manly in this vid i love it very much

Anonymous said...

Thank U for sharing such a precious clip
*Smmer & Love* i was looking forward to it.
I think Saengie's LOve is more beautiful & devotional.During watching it i was just WoW!
Young Saeng acts brilliantly when he was singing
사랑인거죠 i was impressed.
Hope they'll be successful more & more in all the fields. Anyway Thank U =D

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