Okay, this is one of those posts again wherein I want to put all 5 of them together, since we don't see them together in person anymore and are patiently waiting for their comeback as a group. It's a joy to be able to get to know each of the members individually, and follow their activities and everyday life. We love SS501 as a group, but we also love the members individually. Little captured moments like these make me happy...

HYUNSAENG moment at Saengie's baseball match...


Credit: blog.naver.com/501_dg

Video Uploader: Ooshan418@YouTube

Leader's Personalized Soccer Shoes...

Credit: kim_i96@Twitter

Credit: as tagged


Credit: Greenlights

Jung Min visiting Baby on the set of his MV...

Cute moments of JM at Interview with Hwang Zi Jiao...

Credit: Hwang Zi Jiao’s blog + Baidu

Baby singing ‘How to Avoid the Sun’ on Music High Visible Radio...

Video Uploader: poohmuhigh@YouTube


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