Because I stayed at home all weekend and not much to do, I decided to do individual videos for SS501 using only 1 song. It's a Tagalog song, sung by Sheryl Cruz entitled "Mr. Dreamboy". It's an old song (and kinda cheesy), but I find it cute. I guess TS who can understand Tagalog would appreciate the videos more, but still... hope you guys like these. You can view it by age, or you can jump right to your bias' video! But hope you can watch all 5 so you can compare them! Kekeke. Which video among the 5 do you like best? Do leave a comment and tell me what you think! Thanks for watching! For the complete list of my SS501 fanmade videos, CLICK HERE.

Videos by: phtriples


Anonymous said...

i like kyu jong on this fanvid because he is more on the boy next door type of the guy on this vid i like it very much. thanks for the fanvid :)

Anonymous said...

Aigoo...I've been sick all week and was stuck in bed. I usually have nothing to do besides read and that can get very boring after the 5 hour mark but I've been re-watching all SS501 shows on random places like alwaysn4everSS501@YT(which by the way is a SS501 channel you must go to. It's amazing!) I've been missing them a lot lately so this video just made my day. It reminds me of the good old times and it helps me to have more patience waiting for their comeback. Thanks PHTriples!!

twiguyz said...

love all 5 videos. . i didn't realize leader has an angelic smile 'til i watched this video. . but i'm definitely a young saeng bias ^^
but of course i love all of them..
PS: shocked at baby's kissing scene LOL..

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