I swear, Jung Min is really a joy to interview! He never fails to make everyone laugh. And he always knows how to make the atmosphere light and fun! I enjoyed watching and listening to him, especially when he repeats the English words that the translator says. LOL!

Park JungMin arrived in Singapore for promotion of his first solo album ‘Not Alone’, kept playing cute in press conference, making media reporters and fans to laugh

Park JungMin arrived in Singapore on the day before yesterday (17th), for the promotion of his first solo album ‘Not Alone’, yesterday in the press conference he kept playing cute, making media reporters and fans at the event venue to laugh, and mentioning that he wished to be hug!

Last year, South Korea popular male group SS501 after announcing to ‘go solo but not disband’, each member has signed contract with different management agencies. Member Park JungMin striked while the iron’s hot, became the first to release his solo album ‘Not Alone’.

In the press conference, when mentioning about ‘Not Alone’ MV, MC LiYi said that the chereography of the song has the feel of a musical and is very cool.

Park JungMin first expressed his thanks, then said: “It is not wrong to have that kind of feel, some of the chereographer actually has participated in musical performance, a few of my dancer are also musical artist.”

Actually when Park JungMin was in South Koream, he had participated in the Korean version of musical ‘Grease’, and even won the Best New Comer award for this musical.

Idol singer progressing on to a multi direction artist

3 of the song lyrics in the album were all written by Park JungMin. When asked about where did his inspiration came from, Park JungMin laugh and said: “If want to say where did the inspiration came from, it is very difficult to say. After listening to the lyrics, then I started to imagine.”

Park JungMin said, currently he is in a changing stage from a singer to a music artist, but the ambitious him actually wanted to move toward multi direction. He wishes everyone will anticipate his transformation, and giving him support.

First time doing solo promotion, there’s actually some pressure. However Park JungMin said, he actually don’t put in in mind, because he is a person that is very adaptable.

Wishes to do a part for Japanese victims

After the earthquake happened in Japan, stars at various countries has rendered their donation and help, Kim HyunJoong who is from his same group has also donated 100 million won (about S$110,000) previously.

Reporters were curious, has Park JungMin made any plan to join any disaster relief operation?

Park JungMin expressed: “Already had some plans, but currently has not confirmed yet. I am considering how to help the victim most effectively, because there are a lot of Japan fans that supported me.”

In the recent years, when SS501 having activities in Japan, they had very high popularity, their sale had achieved pretty good result in the local sales charts, therefore, Park JungMin thinks that he should make some contribution for Japan.

Not sexy anymore, wishes to be treasured

Park JungMin arrived in Singapore at the 17th night, around hundred over fans welcome him in the airport. In the short few minutes he walked out from the airport, he was smiling all the time, never stop waving and greeting his fans.

When asked about his feelings during that time, he used simple mandarin and said: “热情! (Passionate!)”

Following that, Park JungMin said, Singapore fans made his felt very welcome and at home.

During SS501 period, Park JungMin has a nickname “Sexy Charisma”. In the past 5 years, when introduced himself, he would not forget to mention it.

When asked whether if he remained sexy, Park JungMin said: “Sexy is only in the external, I wish to be viewed as a warm person, wished to be treasured, to be huged.”

Such a sweet mouth, immediately mesmerized the fans in event venue.

Cute but not insincere

In the press conference, everytime before each question, Park JungMin will use mandarin to ask the reporter’s name, and after politely greeted the reporter, then patiently listening to the question. He face expression, gave a ‘seems to know or not know’ expression to the question, once in a while, he would repeat the last word of the reporter, causing some laughters.

Park JungMin is cute but not insincere, his amiable and easy to approach character could be seen in the airport and also the press conference, although at times might make one nervous, but his fans just accepted everything.

Credits: http://entertainment.xin.msn.com + English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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