March 10, 2011

Park Jung Min's New House

Singer Park JungMin 2011 new year wish has been fulfilled. Recently he is preparing his new house.

On the 8th, his agency CNR Media related personnel said, Park JungMin sign the lease contract for a villa at Seoul, Kangnan, Non Hyeon-dong, will move in on April. His new house is a 100pyeong (*pyeong is the measuring unit for floor space) luxuriously design maisonette villa, it is known that the deposit is around $1.4million won.

Specially is, Park JungMin new house is revealed as celebrities Sol Kyung-gu – Song Yun-Ah couple newly wed home, creating even more attention. Sol Kyung-gu – Song Yun-Ah couple stay in this house after getting married on May 2008, until last year August after giving birth to their son then they shifted to Jeong Dam-dong. Now, there will be Park JungMin and his family living place.

Park JungMin recently during the new year interviewed by SPN, revealed that his new year wish, “This year’s goal is to shift to a better house.” Therefore, Park JungMin expressed, “Being able to fulfill the wish so fast, felt really happy”, “For my parents and health, so lease the place,”

At the same time, Park JungMin solo album ‘Not Alone’ after Japan and Taiwan, will hold fan meeting in other areas.

Credits: + Chinese translation: 피오나 @ PJM IFC 朴政珉國際後援會 + English translation:
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